Quiz: What Kind of Prime Minister Would You Make?

Have you ever wondered where you truly stand on the political spectrum? Take our quiz to uncover your true political leanings. Choose a, b, or c:

Question 1:

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When you hear ‘tax cuts’ you:

a. Worry about public services.

b. Wonder about the balance between services and taxpayers’ pockets.

c. Feel a spark of joy thinking about economic stimulation.

Question 2:

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Your ideal weekend activity involves:

a. Attending a community-led environmental cleanup.

b. Visiting a local museum or historical site.

c. Enjoying a quiet evening at home with a traditional roast dinner.

Question 3:

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Your views on National Defence are:

a. Skeptical about excessive spending.

b. Balanced—security is important but shouldn’t overshadow social programs.

c. Strongly in favour of maintaining a robust defence budget.

Question 4:

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When it comes to education, you believe:

a. It should be entirely state-funded and free for everyone.

b. Private education can coexist with strong public schools.

c. School choice, including vouchers for private schooling, is essential.

Question 5:

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Your thoughts on healthcare are:

a. It must be universally free at the point of use.

b. A mix of public and private healthcare can work well.

c. Private healthcare encourages competition and quality.

Question 6:

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On the issue of law and order, you:

a. Question the effectiveness of harsh sentences.

b. Believe in rehabilitation but understand the need for strict penalties.

c. Support strong law enforcement and tougher sentences for criminals.

Question 7:

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Regarding public transportation vs. private vehicles, you:

a. Always advocate for public transportation.

b. Use public transport but appreciate the convenience of a car.

c. Prefer the independence that comes with driving your own car.

Question 8:

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Your stance on environmental policies is:

a. Green technology and renewable energy should be top priorities.

b. Environmental protection is important but should be balanced with economic growth.

c. Concerned about over-regulation hampering business.

Question 9:

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The idea of a “Big Society” where communities support each other:

a. Sounds nice but unrealistic.

b. Is a good balance between government support and community action.

c. Appeals to you as it reduces reliance on state intervention.

Question 10:

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When discussing welfare benefits, you:

a. Advocate for expansive welfare support.

b. Support a safety net but worry about dependency.

c. Believe in personal responsibility and minimal welfare.

Scoring Guide 

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So now you’ve answered all the questions, it’s time to find out if you are more conservative than you think!

​​Mostly A’s: Progressive at Heart

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Your answers suggest that you lean towards progressive or liberal ideologies. You likely prioritize social equality and environmental sustainability and believe in the significant role of government in providing services and ensuring welfare. 

You may view societal challenges through a lens that focuses on collective action and governmental responsibility. Your beliefs align with the idea that a fair society is one where the state actively redistributes resources and ensures that all basic needs are met.

Mostly B’s: The Centrist Balancer

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Your responses indicate a centrist approach, blending elements from both sides of the political spectrum. You appreciate the complexities of social and economic issues and tend to seek a middle ground, recognizing the value in both individual responsibility and the need for a safety net. 

You might believe that private enterprise and government programs can coexist beneficially and that policy solutions should be pragmatic rather than ideologically driven. This nuanced stance suggests you value dialogue and compromise and are wary of extreme positions.

Mostly C’s: Closet Conservative?

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Indeed! – The results hint that you might be harbouring conservative views, perhaps more than you initially thought or admitted. You seem to value tradition, personal responsibility, and a limited role of government in economic affairs. 

Your beliefs likely lean towards the importance of a free market economy, the need for strong national defence, and a preference for policies that encourage individual initiative over state dependency. 

This doesn’t mean you’re not compassionate or concerned about social issues; rather, you might believe that solutions come from empowering individuals and communities rather than extensive governmental intervention.

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