15 Instances When the Home Secretary Didn’t Live Up to His Surname

In British politics, James Cleverly has had his fair share of spotlight moments, often for reasons more slapstick than statesmanlike. From verbal gaffes to policy pivots, here’s the “Top 15 James Cleverly Blunders.”

#1. Forgot His Job Title

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After becoming Home Secretary, Cleverly mistakenly referred to himself with his former title of Foreign Secretary during a public event.

#2. Rwanda Scheme Comment Confusion

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Faced scrutiny for allegedly describing the government’s Rwanda deportation scheme as ‘bat****’ in an interview, which he awkwardly dodged when pressed for confirmation.

#3. Local Election Campaign Misstep

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Mispronounced a candidate’s name and forgot his location during a campaign video, earning widespread criticism for the gaffe.

#4. Mini-Budget Fallout Blame on Labour

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Tried to attribute the negative fallout of the Truss-Kwarteng mini-budget on Labour’s “negative narrative,” despite significant market turmoil following the announcement.

#5. BBC Breakfast ‘Misspoke’ Incident

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Incorrectly stated the timing for a policy announcement on benefits, later claiming he had “misspoke.”

#6. Misleading Starmer Video

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Defended the Conservative party’s doctored video of Keir Starmer, contributing to a larger controversy over misinformation.

#7. Tweet Controversy

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Posted a disparaging tweet about Simon Hughes, a Liberal Democrat, calling him a “d***,” for which he later apologized.

#8. Fire Station Closures Criticism

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Pushed through closures of 10 London fire stations, later facing backlash when delays were linked to an elderly man’s death.

#9. Voting Against Housing Standards

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Was among MPs who voted against an amendment requiring rental homes to be “fit for human habitation,” drawing criticism given his personal interests in property rental.

#10. Patron Resignation from Advocacy Group

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Stepped down as patron of Advocacy for All after voting to cut Employment and Support Allowance, deeming him unsuitable for the role.

#11. Defensive Over Foreign Policy Priorities

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As Foreign Secretary, faced criticism for his handling and communication of the UK’s foreign policy priorities, particularly in relation to Brexit and international relations.

#12. Handling of Brexit

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Advocated strongly for Brexit, but his roles in managing Brexit-related positions have been met with challenges and criticism for lack of clear direction.

#13. Controversial Support for Rwanda Asylum Plan

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His commitment to controversial asylum policies, like the Rwanda plan, has sparked debate and scrutiny over ethical and practical implications.

#14. Election Selection Controversy

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His selection as the Conservative parliamentary candidate for Braintree followed a controversial suspension of the initial selection process by Conservative Campaign Headquarters.

#15. Intervention in Housing and Planning Bill

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Faced backlash for his role in opposing amendments aimed at improving housing standards, aligning with personal interests.

After a parade of political faux pas that would rival any comedy sketch, Cleverly’s career highlights the often-thin line between high office and high comedy. Whether he’s mixing up titles or entangling policies, it’s clear that in the world of politics, sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying.

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