XL Bully Breeds Banned in England and Wales, Scotland Likely to Follow

Amidst the ban on American XL bully dogs in England and Wales, concerns arise as some owners attempt to rehome these restricted breeds in Scotland, prompting a call for decisive action and clear regulations in the face of potential safety risks. Here’s the full story.

Rehoming XL Bully Dogs

American XL bully dogs find themselves at the center of controversy in the UK as England and Wales implement strict restrictions while Scotland remains in deliberation.

The ban, effective from December 31, prohibits breeding, selling, or walking the dogs in public without a lead and muzzle. Despite the ban, concerns are arising as some owners attempt to rehome these dogs in Scotland. 

The UK government’s recent legislation has placed stringent restrictions on American XL bully dogs, requiring owners to apply for permits, take out insurance, neuter their dogs, and pay a £92.40 fee by the end of the month.

This move comes in response to a series of attacks linked to the breed, including a fatal incident in Staffordshire. The ban aims to enhance public safety and mitigate potential risks associated with the XL bully breed.

Scottish Government’s Deliberation

While England and Wales have taken a definitive stance, Scotland remains in the process of evaluating evidence before deciding whether to implement similar restrictions.

Community Safety Minister Siobhian Brown emphasized the importance of not using loopholes to transport banned dogs across the border, ensuring accountability for owners who violate the new rules in other parts of the UK.

Reports of XL bully dogs being moved to Scotland for rehoming have raised concerns among activists and advocacy groups. Bully Watch, a campaign group formed in response to high-profile attacks, accused the Scottish government and the SSPCA of being “asleep at the wheel.”

They call for proactive measures in Scotland, highlighting the genetic predispositions of the breed and the potential dangers of inexperienced households housing these dogs.

Genetic Factors and Identification Confusion

Bully Watch emphasizes the genetic aspects of XL bully dogs, describing them as pit bulls bred for exaggerated size and musculature. The group expressed concerns about poor breeding leading to lower thresholds for arousal and heightened prey instincts, potentially resulting in dangerous situations.

Minister Siobhian Brown acknowledges the confusion surrounding official guidelines and the identification of XL bully dogs, particularly those measuring below the defined height limits.

First Minister’s Statement

First Minister Humza Yousaf stated that no firm decision has been made regarding a Scottish response following the ban in England and Wales.

The ongoing consultation involves input from victims of dog attacks, animal charities, police, and trade unions. The government aims for a balanced view, considering evidence before making any legislative decisions.

Bully Watch called for immediate action in Scotland “before it is too late.” They stress the importance of responsible ownership and argue that allowing XL bully dogs into inexperienced Scottish households could be a recipe for disaster.

The group urges the Scottish government to take decisive measures and not delay in addressing the potential risks associated with this breed.

XL Bully’s Future

As the XL bully breed faces restrictions in England and Wales, the situation remains uncertain in Scotland. The ongoing deliberations by the Scottish government, concerns raised by advocacy groups, and the potential migration of banned dogs underscore the complexity of regulating dangerous breeds.

The need for evidence-based decisions, clear identification criteria, and proactive measures to safeguard public safety is paramount in addressing this contentious issue.

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