Amazon Hit Series Clarkson’s Farm Labelled “Grim” by BBC Star

Adam Henson, Countryfile star, calls the Amazon Prime series Clarkson’s Farm “grim” and “hysterical.” Some viewers have disagreed with his point of view.

It’s “Hysterical”

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The main cast member of the Countryfile BBC farming and country show has raised eyebrows about the style and format of Clarkson’s Farm. According to GB News, Adam Henson, a presenter in  Countryfile, said in an interview with The Mirror that Clarckson’s Farm was “hysterical.” 

Commentary “Raising Some Brows”

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GB News recently reported commentary from the Countryfile star, making “critical” commentary about Clarkson’s Farm. 

Good Storyteller

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Henson commented in his interview that the Clarkson’s Farm show has reached a “new demographic” and that he thinks Jeremy was a good storyteller. 

No Encouragement for Farming

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I don’t think it encouraged anybody to get into farming because it made it out to be completely grim,” The Countryfile presenter said.  

Deterring People?

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Henson further said that if Clarkson’s Farm was the only show people who wanted to own a farm ever watched, they should know that “that isn’t what farming is all about.” He also noted that there “were some highlights of actual farming” in the show. 

Countryfile Show

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Countryfile is a show that began its journey in 1988 when it replaced a previously running show called “Farming.” Countryfile delves into the country life of Britain, featuring environmental challenges and navigating the lifestyle of the rural and agricultural scene.    

Farming Heritage

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Adam Henson comes from a farming family. In an interview, he told OX Magazine UK, “We continue my dad’s legacy with rare breeds conservation at the core of our business…” He also mentioned that his neighbour owns the farm; they are residents of the neighbour’s farm. 

50-Year Tenancy

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Henson has told OX Magazine that he and his family have a 50-year tenancy on the farm, which was in his family but is now owned by his neighbour. He also said they use around 50-acres of the 650-acre farmland.

Joint Venture

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Furthermore, Henson also mentioned to the magazine publication that he and his farming neighbour share the equipment to minimise cost expenses. 

The “Critisism”

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However, he criticised Clarkson’s Farm when talks about filming the fourth series were mentioned. 

Clarkson’s Farm

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The show on Amazon Prime features the famous Diddly Squat Farm, which is also Jeremey Clarkson’s farm. Clarkson is known as one of the former presenters in BBC’s Top Gear, as well as Amazon’s The Grand Tour. 

Petrol Head Turned Farmer

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Usually, a petrolhead as the world knows him, but through Clarkson’s Farm, he showed a different side. Prospect Magazine described him as a “soft-hearted gentleman, with a love for his land.

Gained Love and Many Viewers

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Clarkson’s Farm aired on Amazon Prime in 2021. It has since successfully grown, and the show has gained more loyal viewers. It is heading towards the fourth series and continues to shed light on farming. 

Realities of Farming

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Farmers need to tackle everything from mending the farm to preventing diseased animals, keeping track of their finances, and bearing with the ever-changing weather at the “best” of times. 

Diddly Squat Acquired and Operational

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Clarkson acquired some farmland, purchasing 400ha in 2008. While the farm was operating on contract, he only recently started farming in 2021. The TV show displays his life on the farm and the challenges British farmers face each season. 

The True Side of Farming

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Unlike other shows, Clarkson’s Farm showcases the raw and challenging side of farming without a filter “for the most part.” 

Not Afraid To Ask

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According to Prospect Magazine, Jeremy Clarkson is not afraid to ask hard questions that others might be afraid to ask. Clarkson has asked “Why do you do this?,” “How does this work,” and “what do farmers do all day?”

Bringing Light to Unseen Farming Conditions

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“I never knew farming was this hard,” Clarkson asked, according to Prospect Magazine. He has also shown a genuine love for farming and took a deep dive into the struggles that farmers face. 

Next Venture Adding a Pub

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GB News reported Jeremy Clarkson was working towards adding a pub as his new addition to the Diddly Squat farm. The pub would feature pub games and food made with British ingredients. 

Most Viewed Show in UK 

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According to Deadline, Clarkson’s Farm was ranked the most-watched show in the UK, reaching over 5m viewers for series three. 

Diddly Squat Farm Shop 

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The Diddly Squat Farm Shop in Chipping Norton is open to the public and features an online shop. The farm shop sells apparel, gifts, and farm produce.

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