Viewers Are Upset With Fiona Bruce and BBC

According to the Daily Mirror, viewers have been grumbling as BBC’s The Antiques Roadshow would air again. People are not so upset about the show but more so about the “who” of the show. Here’s what happened. 

More Than Four Decades

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The Antique’s Roadshow has been on air since 1979 and has run successfully since its early inception. 

A Show Staple

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Fiona joined the team in 2008 and has since been there for 16 years and counting. The Mirror reported that she has been a “staple” of the show since starting and continues doing well.

Other Shows and Hosting

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Bruce has held several jobs as a newsreader, presenter, journalist, and host of Fake or Fortune, Crimewatch, BBC News at Six, BBC One, and Real Story. She was also the first woman news anchor to feature in BBC Ten ‘o Clock News. 

Fiona Bruce for Series 47

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According to The Mirror UK, the BBC has once again announced its new series 47 airing, with Bruce continuing at the show’s helm. 

“Fan” Commentary

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Fans of the Antiques Roadshow have commented that Fiona was “hogging” the limelight.

“All About Fiona”

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Sharaf Maksumov also reported that one of the angry fans who had spoken out said, “The Antiques Roadshow is even more about Fiona Bruce than before,” the viewer said. 

High Earnings

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Oxford Mail reported Fiona Bruce as one of the highest-paid BBC presenters, alongside Ken Bruce. The pair has no relation. However, they share the title of being two of BBC’s highest-paid news and TV presenters, and they have the same surname. 

More Upset Comment

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Another upset viewer commented that the show could very well be named “Fiona Bruce’s Antiques Roadshow.”

More Upset Viewers 

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Many people voiced their comments online, and some spoke in interviews. Still, BBC is determined to continue the successful show and is happy to start its 47th series. 

The Success of Antiques Roadshow

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The Antiques Roadshow has been on air since 1979. The show began filming a tour of the West Country England. The show has had five other presenters, with Fiona marking six. 

Featured Items on the Show

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The show has featured a variety of memorabilia, antique toys, dolls, barbies, books, militaria, ceramics, glass, jewellery, Legos, and lots more. 

Inspired Other Variations of the Show 

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The Antiques Roadshow has inspired other destinations to feature their own variation of the show. Belgium, Australia, Germany, Finland, America, and Sweden have their own version of the show.  

Excited About the Renewal of the Show

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Fiona told the Mirror that she was excited about the news that the show would air for the 47th series. She was excited to be part of the team and present the show. “…Antiques Roadshow begins again, and I, for one, can’t wait,” she told Mirror. 

Great Discoveries 

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In her interview, the host said that she and the team traveled far and wide throughout the UK to see what treasures the people had brought. Locals sometimes “pull things from their attics” and “their shelves” and bring them to the roadshow. There are many excellent discoveries. 

Drawn by Moving Personal Stories 

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Bruce admitted that while the public brought many valuable items, she always felt “moved and drawn to a personal story.” 

The Show for Everyone

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The show’s editor, Robert Murphy, told BBC that they wanted the show to be for everyone and that they wanted to see all the unique items. 

Last Series’ Interesting Finds 

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Murphy shared some of their finds in the previous series, which included an Olympic torch, a car boot sale, “dazzling” jewellery, a silver jug used in a royal ritual, a 2,000-year-old stone carved head, and more. 

Valuable Ones 

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Another valuable and outstanding find, according to the series editor, was a Victoria Cross that belonged to a Sikh soldier who served in WWII. Sikh soldiers served in the US military since WWI. The Victoria Cross featured in the show was estimated to be worth £250,000. 

She’s Still “The One”

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Mirror reports suggest that Fiona Bruce was still recommended despite the public “grumblings” and would feature again in the new series. She was commended for the good work she does on the show. 

Heartfelt and  Moving

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Fiona said, “Some of the most humble items will reveal powerful stories…”  

New Venues

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Series 47 will feature venues like the Botanic Gardens in Belfast, Pitzhanger Manor in Walepole Park, and Thirlestane Castle in Lauder in the Scottish Borders. Venues will also include Beaumaris Castle on the Island of Anglesey and Cromford Mills near Matlock in Derbyshire, according to BBC. 

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