Anyone Seen Bozza? Johnson Goes Out on World’s Longest Cigar Break at Most Crucial Time for Tories

The Conservative Party had hinted at the return of Boris in order to combat the rise of Nigel Farage’s Reform UK in the polls.

Sunak’s Secret Weapon

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak unveiled his controversial method to tackle the rise of Nigel Farage and Reform UK.

Reform’s Rise in Polls

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Reform UK, Britain’s most popular right-wing Party, has been making significant gains in the polls since its new leader returned to politics.

Tory Ploy to Win Back Voters

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Now that Reform UK has officially overtaken the Conservatives in one YouGov poll, the Tories felt it could be time to employ a similar method to Farage’s Party.

Boris Johnson’s Comeback

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By announcing the return of their former leader, Boris Johnson, to frontline politics after his investigation and suspension, Sunak hoped his Party could make a comeback.

Johnson Finishes Suspension

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Johnson, the former Prime Minister, was suspended for his role in the Party-Gate scandal during COVID-19, but he could now make a shock comeback.

Revealing the Big News

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An anonymous spokesperson for the Conservatives revealed the news, suggesting that Boris could boost the Tories back above Reform.

Boris “Gets Cut Through”

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“The simple answer is he gets cut through. That is a rarity in this Conservative campaign,” the spokesperson said. This is a similar tactic to which Reform deployed.

Reform UK’s Shock Tactics

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Reform UK was on the rise for the last year, although it made significant ground in the polls when they deployed the shock tactic.

Farage’s Shock Announcement

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Former Brexit Party leader and Reform ambassador Nigel Farage made the shocking double announcement that he would not only be returning to frontline politics.

Farage Takes Over as Leader

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The announcement revealed that Farage would be running in the election, despite previously saying otherwise and also taking over from Richard Tice as leader of Reform UK.

Right-Wing Voters Jump Ship

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This caused a rippled effect in the polls due to Farage’s popularity among right-wing voters and far-right voters, causing many to jump ship.

‘The Farage Effect’

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‘The Farage Effect’ caused many voters who previously voted Tory to switch allegiance to Reform UK, putting them one percentage point above Sunak’s Party in the polls.

Reform Leapfrog Tories

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The return of Farage pushed Reform’s popularity up to 19% in the YouGov poll, while the Conservatives fell to 18%, but now the Tories wanted to push that back.

The Return of Boris

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The return of Boris Johnson could have a similar effect due to his popularity among Tory voters, potentially swaying their decision to vote Conservative. But time is running out. 

Conservatives’ Warning

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and the Conservatives have been warning voters not to vote for Reform, suggesting they would be handing the keys of Number 10 to the Labour Party.

Starmer Looking to Cause Damage

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Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer is looking to inflict a landslide defeat on the Tories and would welcome Tory voters jumping ship in order to give him power.

Tories Discourage Farage Vote

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The Conservatives sent out a warning, “If you’re thinking about voting for Reform, and a generation under Labour scares you, there’s only one way to prevent it: vote Conservative.”

Sunak Shows Confidence

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Despite the Tories’ fall from grace in the polls, Sunak is still adamant that his Party can win the election after the release of the Tory and Labour manifestos.

Time to Change the Polls

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Sunak said, “Now that both manifestos are out, we’ve got time over the next few weeks to talk to people about the choice.”

Fending Off Reform

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The return of Boris Johnson could be key to fending off Reform UK in the polls, although is unlikely to transform the Conservatives’ fortunes. But is it all too little, too late? 

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