Turning Tide: Farage May Be Left Adrift Without a Boat After All

It’s much easier to be a critic than a problem solver, as Nigel Farage is currently finding out. Whilst he has made a name for himself as a thorn in the establishment’s side, he’s having to learn the hard way that politics comes with scrutiny. 

Opposition Is Easy

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Nigel Farage has steadily grown in fame. Starting his political life as a failed eurosceptic Tory, he set up UKIP and pressed his message from the sidelines. 

Ignored for Years

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Under more stable governments and prosperous times, his Eurosceptic message wasn’t landing. The economy was growing, public services were working, and life in the EU was ticking along just fine. 

Global Credit Shock Shook Us All

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The credit crunch was the ultimate death knell for Labour. Cameron swept in, and one of his promises to unify the Tories was a referendum on Europe. 

Enter, Farage

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The drum he’d been banging got louder. More money might be thrown behind the campaign, and we all know how that ended.

Farage, the Media Favourite

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As a divisive figure, Farage was given an almost unfair amount of coverage. Shows and papers knew they’d win more eyeballs if they featured him, so his fame grew.

Brexit Done, Farage Wasn’t

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Although Brexit was delivered, and many warnings about price increases, loss of access to markets, slower delivery of goods and reduced investment appetite in the UK have been realised, Farage took no blame.

It’s the Way We Exited, Apparently

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Rather than accept Brexit as a bad idea, Farage thinks that Brexit wasn’t hard enough and that more isolation and less immigration are the answers, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

He’s Never Had to Deliver

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Farage has reached this position without ever having to deliver on a single one of his promises. It’s a concern that someone so idealistic has never had to take responsibility for his influence. 

But Farage Is Back

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Having failed to win election to parliament in 7 previous attempts, he’s hoping it’ll be 8th time lucky in 2024.

Clacton a Shoe-in

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He’s standing for election in Clacton, where 70% voted for Brexit. It’s as much of a gimmie as he’ll ever have. 

But Now Comes the Scrutiny

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He’s standing not only as a candidate but also as the leader of the emerging force on the right wing of UK politics, Reform UK.

Leadership Comes With Added Pressure

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Now, he’s having to answer questions about policy on behalf of his party. His claims are more rigorously fact-checked. The interviewers are more formidable. 

BBC Fact Checked Farage 

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In recent interviews on BBC Breakfast and BBC Radio 5 Live, Farage made a series of claims on immigration, housing, climate change, and election fraud.

He’s Wrong. Often. 

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The check revealed that Nigel Farage is frequently wrong, or at best misleading, with many of his ‘facts’. 

Manifesto Pulled Apart

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Now, Reform UK has released a manifesto, which has been mauled by experts in a very short order.

Tax Plans Outlined

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The manifesto said they would raise the minimum threshold for income tax to £20,000 a year, remove stamp duty altogether, and abolish inheritance tax for all estates under £2m.

Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) Started

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The IFS said that the projected Reform UK “spending reductions would save less than stated, and the tax cuts would cost more than stated.”

Culture War Dialled Up

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The manifesto also claims that many public bodies had been infiltrated by a “divisive, ‘woke’ ideology”.

Immigration Targeted

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On immigration, Reform UK says it will “pick up illegal migrants out of boats and take them back to France”. However, it doesn’t mention what would happen should France refuse to accept them.

Reform UK Is Farage – Big on Promise, Light on Delivery

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Nigel Farage has never had to follow through on a political promise, and the Reform UK manifesto suggests as much. It’s full of promises but no detail. It’s a work of fantasy. 

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