Asylum Deportation Scheme: Tories Pin Hopes on Immigration to Win Public Votes

The UK government’s controversial detention operation has launched earlier than expected, as it accelerates preparations to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda, amidst mounting legal challenges and social outcry. Here’s the full story.

New Low

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It can be tempting to think that politics has, must have, reached a new low, and then something can come around which surprises you with the knowledge that there is an even lower low to go. 

Significant Operation

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It seems the British government has endeavoured to achieve a new low this week after the Guardian revealed that the UK Home Office is set to undertake a significant operation to detain asylum seekers across the country.

Contentious and Controversial

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The move is part of the government’s contentious and controversial plan to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda. This scheme is both illegal under international law and has also been declared illegal by the UK’s highest court. 

Swift Condemnation

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The operation to detain asylum seekers before illegally sending them to Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, was launched much earlier than anticipated and has been met with swift condemnation by human rights groups, asylum advocates and opposition figures. 

Cruel and Unnecessary

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However, the move has been welcomed by some within the Conservative party, who feel the cruel and unnecessary detention of asylum seekers will give them a boost in the upcoming local elections, where the party is facing a highly anticipated wipeout. 

Routine Meetings

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Asylum seekers will reportedly be detained upon turning up for what they assume will be routine meetings with immigration services, as well as during raids upon asylum housing. 

Illegally Deported

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Any detained asylum seekers will then be held until deportation proceedings are finalised, with the government hoping that many of those detained will be the first to be deported, illegally, to Rwanda in the coming months. 

High Alert

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The move is set to be so contentious that police forces in Scotland have been placed on high alert, following previous successful attempts by Scottish activists to stage street protests which prevented asylum seekers from being forcibly deported. 

“Extremely Angry and Upset”

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Aamer Anwar, a human rights lawyer who lives in Glasgow and who was instrumental in the organisation of previous successful protests which prevented the removal of asylum seekers, stated, “People are extremely angry and upset, and ready to mobilise.”

“Barbaric Abuse of Power”

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He continued, “The fundamental question for the Scottish government as well as Police Scotland is whether they are willing to engage in this barbaric abuse of power against a desperate people.”

Unexpected Move

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The government’s unexpected move has been criticised by legal experts and campaigners, who have raised serious concerns about the legality and ethical implications of the detention operation. 

“Inhumane Rwanda Plan”

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The chief executive of the Refugee Council, Enver Solomon, told the Guardian, “The government is determined to recklessly pursue its inhumane Rwanda plan despite the cost, chaos and human misery it will unleash. We know it is likely to cause a catastrophic system meltdown.”

“Mental Health Collapse”

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Sonya Sceats of the Freedom from Torture charity stated, “News of this crackdown is sure to trigger mental health collapse in many men, women and children in the care of our therapists.”

“Performative Cruelty”

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She continued, “Compassionate people up and down the country will be sickened by this performative cruelty designed to generate headlines and stoke fear among people fleeing torture and persecution. This is not who we are as a country.”

“Cruel Political Gimmick”

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The Liberal Democrats have characterised the policy as a “cruel political gimmick,” while Labour asserted that it was proof that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s “plan is not working.”

Far-Reaching Consequences

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The detention and deportation measures are expected to have far-reaching consequences for asylum seekers in the UK, exacerbating feelings of insecurity, fear and persecution among those seeking protection. 

Going Underground

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The Refugee Council has raised concerns that asylum seekers may go underground to avoid detection and deportation, where they are at considerably more risk of being exploited. 

Not “Safe”

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The UK’s deportation policy has also drawn scrutiny internationally, with Ireland’s High Court has ruled that the UK is no longer a “safe third country” which it would be acceptable to send asylum seekers back to. 

Deportation Risk

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This has become a severe thorn in the Irish government’s side, as they are experiencing higher-than-usual numbers of asylum seekers fleeing to Ireland rather than risking being deported from the UK.


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The Irish Foreign Minister, Micheál Martin, stated that asylum seekers were looking for “sanctuary here and within the European Union as opposed to the potential of being deported to Rwanda.”

“People Are Worried”

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Rishi Sunak has claimed that his plan is working, telling Sky News that the increase in the number of people seeking asylum in Ireland shows that “people are worried about coming here [to the UK].”

No Comment

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The Home Office has so far refused to confirm the news of the detentions, saying only that it was “entering the final phase of operationalising this landmark policy to tackle illegal migration and stop the boats.”

“Detaining People”

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The spokesperson continued, “At some stage, inevitably, this will include detaining people in preparation for the first flight, which is set to take off to Rwanda in 10 to 12 weeks.”

New Lower Low

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As the UK government seems determined to press ahead with a policy which has been roundly condemned by human rights groups, opposition parties and anti-torture charities, it appears that a new low has been reached. 

Vulnerable People

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What this will mean for some of the most vulnerable of the world’s populations, asylum seekers, is yet to be seen. 

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