‘Women Going to Hell’: Backlash Over Candidate’s Comments on Women

A Birmingham election candidate’s controversial podcast remarks have sparked outrage and a public apology, raising questions about his views on gender roles and misogyny. Here’s the full story.

Controversial Podcast Remarks

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In the run-up to the general election in Birmingham, independent candidate Akhmed Yakoob, a criminal defence lawyer with a substantial following on TikTok, has come under intense scrutiny following the revelation of controversial remarks he made during a podcast.

Misogynistic Comments Emerge

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The comments, which have been described as misogynistic and disturbing, have prompted widespread criticism and a public apology from Yakoob.

Podcast Called “Minted Minds”

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Yakoob’s controversial statements were made on a podcast called “Minted Minds,” which aimed to discuss topics related to the Israel-Gaza conflict.

Focus Shifts to Gender

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The podcast episode, hosted by Birmingham-based business owner Abdhul Zaman, inadvertently shifted focus to discussions about gender roles and women’s empowerment.

“70% of Hell”

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During this segment, Yakoob made several controversial remarks. The independent candidate, in response to another guest, Dr Asif Munaf’s claims that “empowered” women were followers of Dajjaal – a false messiah in Islam – remarked, “70% of hell is going to be women.”

“Everyone Has a Role”

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Similarly, regarding gender roles, Yakoob stated, “I’ve got nothing against women. I love women. I love my wife, but everyone has got a role in society, everyone has got a role in the household. In my household, I’m the man. I’m the king. I call the shots, and my Mrs, Alhamdulillah, listens to me and is appreciative.”

“Keep Our Queens Home”

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Later in the discussion, he added: “It’s natural for men to be attracted to females, so keep our queens at home.”

Swift and Vehement Response

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The response to Yakoob’s comments was swift and vehement. The Muslim Women’s Network UK (MWN), a prominent advocacy group, said that his remarks were “deeply disturbing” and “raise serious questions about his judgement and values.”

Call to Examine Candidates

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They added, “We strongly encourage all women to closely examine candidates’ positions on crucial issues such as violence against women and girls and equality. We also urge all parliamentary candidates to condemn violence against women and girls (VAWG) and misogyny, and to commit to improving the safety of women in all communities.”

Yakoob’s Public Apology

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In the wake of the backlash, Yakoob issued a public apology, expressing regret over his comments and the tone of the discussion. He stated, “I am mortified to listen back to this recording. While banter in an informal setting can often be crude, I should have refused to take part, since the tone of that discussion represents everything I stand against.”

“Distraction From Gaza”

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Yakoob went on to suggest that the negative news coverage was a distraction from his work of raising awareness of the suffering of people in Gaza. He stated, “Voters in Ladywood will not fall for attempts to distract them from the tens of thousands of civilian women who have been killed in Gaza. But I have learned lessons from this and wish to wholeheartedly apologise. My promise to the women of Ladywood is that, in fighting misogyny, they will always have an ally in me.”

Previous Controversial Support

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Despite his defence, this is not the first time Yakoob’s comments have attracted criticism, with the MWN expressing particular concern over his support for controversial online misogynists like Andrew Tate, who is currently awaiting trial in Romania on charges of human trafficking and rape.

Impact on Campaign

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The fallout from Yakoob’s remarks may have significant implications for his political campaign. As a candidate who previously garnered substantial support, coming third in the West Midlands mayoral election, Yakoob’s credibility and judgement are now under intense scrutiny.

International Issues vs. Domestic Concerns

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His campaign, which has prominently featured support for Gaza and other international issues, must now also address domestic concerns about gender equality and women’s safety.

Highlighting Gender Equality Issues

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The controversy surrounding Akhmed Yakoob’s podcast remarks has highlighted the critical issues of gender equality in society, as the pernicious spread of misogyny both online and off.

Influence Extends Beyond Media

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This is particularly pressing considering Yakoob’s substantial following on TikTok where, with over 195,000 followers, his influence extends beyond those who would traditionally be reached by offline media, reaching a younger audience who, through previous influencers like Tate, are already primed to hear such toxic opinions.

Independent Candidate Impact

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Though in previous elections, comments like those made by Yakoob may have been sufficient to crush a candidacy entirely, as an independent, he is answerable only to himself, and other political candidates, such as Nigel Farage, have not seen their campaigns torpedoed by similar comments.

Election Outcome Uncertain

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As the general election approaches, it remains to be seen if, despite his apology and pledge to fight against misogyny if elected, Yakoob’s deeply disturbing comments may have doomed his political aspirations for the foreseeable future.

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