Boris Johnson Warns Tories: Steer Clear of Farage

Boris Johnson has warned the Conservatives to steer clear of Nigel Farage’s Reform UK, suggesting it played a key role in their historic defeat, all the while implying that if Tories had stuck with him, they might not be in this mess. Here’s the full story.

“Pied Piper of Clacton”

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Never one to be out of the spotlight for long, shortly after the Conservative Party’s historic electoral defeat, former Prime Minister Boris Johnson voiced strong opinions on the party’s future direction while warning them not to follow Nigel Farage’s Reform UK, who Johnson branded the “Pied Piper of Clacton.”

Johnson’s Rescue Plan

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Johnson also laid out a plan that he claims will ensure the Conservatives can be returned to power at the next election, with many of his suggestions mirroring his policies during his short-lived stint as Prime Minister.

Intense Debate Among MPs

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His recent statements have sparked intense debate among Conservative MPs and members as the party, still reeling from the impact of an electoral wipeout, begins the search for a new leader.

Worst Election Performance

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The Conservative Party’s MP numbers following the recent election are stark. The party secured only 121 seats, a dramatic decrease from its previous tally of 376. This defeat marks the party’s worst performance in modern history.

Blames Reform UK

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Johnson attributed this downfall mainly to the rise of Reform UK, which, under Nigel Farage’s leadership, secured five parliamentary seats and siphoned off a significant portion of the Conservative vote.

“Destruction of the Tory Government”

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Johnson wrote in the Daily Mail, “I am afraid that the cheroot-puffing Pied Piper of Clacton has played a significant part – as he no doubt intended – in the destruction of the Tory government.”

Reform UK’s Appeal

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Nigel Farage’s Reform UK has emerged as a formidable force in British politics, appealing to a disillusioned segment of the Conservative base. The party garnered over 14% of the national vote, a staggeringly high proportion of which came from former Conservative voters.

Against Merging With Reform UK

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Johnson cautioned against merging with Reform UK, likening such a move to a desperate attempt at revival. He wrote, “I say to my fellow Conservatives, we are the oldest, most successful political party in British history. We are capable of endless regeneration. We don’t need to try to absorb other parties, to try to acquire their vitality like a transfusion of monkey glands.”

“Rebuild That Giant Coalition”

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He continued, “We need to occupy the space ourselves – and my humble suggestion to the 121 is that they need to rebuild that giant coalition of 2019, get back to some of the big themes that proved so successful that we won seats across the country.”

Johnson’s 10-Point Plan

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In a detailed 10-point plan, Johnson outlined his vision for the Conservative Party’s resurgence. The plan includes a strong focus on issues such as housing, crime, and economic policy. Johnson also called for the party to defend its stance on issues like private education and healthcare and resist what he described as “mandatory wokery.”

A Chance for Revenge

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However, never one to let a chance for revenge pass him by, Johnson also wrote in detail about his own ousting as Prime Minister. He criticised MPs, including former Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, for their role in his downfall and suggested that their actions contributed to the party’s current sorry state.

Impact of Johnson’s Departure

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Johnson’s departure in 2022 amid a series of scandals has left a lasting impact on the party, with many members now grappling with questions of leadership and direction. His recent statements will no doubt only add to the prevailing sense in Conservative circles that something drastic is needed to reverse the Conservative’s fortunes.

“Don’t Be Too Hasty”

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Johnson wrote, “When we get back in, don’t be too hasty to get rid of successful election-winning leaders. As I never tire of telling people, some polls put us only two or three points behind, in the days before I was forced to resign in what was really a media-driven hoo-ha.”

No Self-Blame for Defeat

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However, despite being willing to apportion blame to others in his party, particularly those who helped depose him, Johnson didn’t seem to place any blame on himself for the Conservative Party’s recent defeat.

Debate Over Party Direction

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The debate over its direction and strategy will only intensify as the Conservative Party attempts to navigate its first stint in opposition for 14 years. As the few remaining Conservatives prepare for the upcoming leadership election, whoever wins will have a defining role in the party’s future direction.

Challenges for New Leader

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However, whichever leader is ultimately elected, the party faces the daunting task of reconciling its internal divisions, re-engaging its traditional base, crafting a vision that can compete with a resurgent Labour government, and seeing off Reform UK.

Future Uncertain

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Whether the new leader will listen to Boris Johnson’s warnings or prefer to leave his leadership’s tumultuous legacy firmly in the past remains to be seen.

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