Boris’ Heaps Praise on Those Who Turned Him Away From Polling Station

After being turned away from his local polling station for not having the proper identification, former Prime Minister Boris Johnson has heaped praise on those who rejected him.

Former Prime Minister Gets a Shock

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When former Prime Minister Boris Johnson woke up on the morning of the local elections, he probably didn’t expect what happened when he tried to vote. 

Johnson Turned Away

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As Johnson, who led the country during the COVID-19 pandemic, went to cast his vote for the next Mayor of London, he was shocked to be rejected from the polling station.

No Photo? No Vote!

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The former Mayor of London turned up to the polling stations without an official photo ID, meaning he could not cast his vote.

Forgetting His Own Rule

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The irony of the situation comes clear when you realise that the rule to bring photo ID to the polling stations was introduced by Boris Johnson’s government.

Countering Voter Fraud

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Back in 2022, a government decision was made to introduce a photo ID ruling for elections in order to counter voter fraud.

Johnson as Prime Minister

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The decision was spearheaded by none other than the British Prime Minister at the time, Boris Johnson.

Attempted Use of Inadequate ID

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Johnson revealed that he displayed a copy of Prospect magazine to the authorities although that still wasn’t enough to overturn their decision.

Voting Tory

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“I showed it to them and they looked very dubious… within minutes I was back with my driving licence and voted Tory,” Johnson said.

Thanking the Villagers

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Since then, Johnson has expressed his utmost gratitude to the three villagers responsible for turning him away from the polling station.

Johnson’s Reasonable Request

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In 2021, Johnson insisted, “I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask first-time voters to produce some evidence of identity.”

Standing by His Word

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To be fair to the former Prime Minister, he stood by his own rulings by admitting the officials were doing the correct thing by turning him away.

Johnson “Rightly” Refused Entry

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Johnson said in a statement that he “wanted to thank” the three villagers who he believes “rightly” refused his entry into the polling booth.

Acknowledgement of Correct Procedure

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In an article for the Daily Mail, Johnson commended the villagers for adhering to proper voting procedures and refusing to accept inadequate identification.

Prospect Magazine in Focus

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Johnson admitted he had “nothing to prove my identity except the sleeve of my copy of Prospect magazine.”

Breaking His Own Rules

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This isn’t the first time Johnson has been accused of attempting to break his own rules after he introduced the UK lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Johnson’s Ousting 

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Johnson was ousted as Prime Minister in 2022, replaced by Lizz Truss’s disastrous tenure, after the Party Gate scandal, during which he was put under investigation for breaking his own lockdown rules.

Sunak Takes Over

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After Liz Truss was also ousted for her disastrous economic decisions that the country is still suffering from today, Rishi Sunak took over.

Pressure to Call the Election

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Now, Sunak is also facing the pressure to call a general election after numerous scandals under his leadership.

Sunak Expects Huge Defeat

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Polls suggest the Tories’ time is up after 14 years, with Labour looking likely to inflict a landslide victory over Rishi Sunak’s campaign.

Johnson’s Embarrassment

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Johnson’s decision to thank the villagers who turned him away shows his attempt to stay humble in the face of an embarrassing moment.

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