Cameron’s Backlash to Putin’s Finger-Pointing

The UK has responded to the Russian President’s allegations that the West were behind a terrorist attack in Moscow that claimed 139 lives.

Lord Cameron Hits Back

Lord David Cameron, the British Foreign Secretary, has hit back at Russian claims that the UK was involved in the recent Moscow terror attack. Four armed individuals opened fire in a concert hall in Moscow, killing over 130 Russian civilians, the worst terror attack in Russia since the 90s.

Terrorist organisation Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attacks, specifically IS-F, a branch of the organisation located in Afghanistan. Despite this, Russian President Vladimir Putin has used the attacks to accuse Ukraine and the West of planning them.

The UK Foreign Secretary, Lord David Cameron, has lashed out at Putin for his accusations, calling them baseless and false. Lord Cameron insisted that “Russia’s claims about the West and Ukraine on the Crocus City Hall attack are utter nonsense.”

US Warning

According to previous reports, US officials warned Russian authorities of the attack after gaining intelligence a number of weeks before they occurred. Russian President Vladimir Putin heard of the US’s warning but dismissed the message as Western propaganda, putting lives in danger. Lord Cameron said, “We support US statements which make clear that Daesh bears sole responsibility for this attack.”

Putin also blamed Ukraine for the attack, a claim that Kyiv has vehemently denied, in a bid to justify his invasion of the country. Putin said in a statement to the public after the attacks that the group of terrorists were “radical Islamists” and that he had enough reason to believe Ukraine was behind it.

Western Countries Rally Against Putin

The UK are one of the leading support countries for Ukraine’s fight against Russia as Western countries condemn Putin’s invasion and freeze Russian assets. The UK has pledged over £12 billion in military and financial aid to Ukraine, with the US providing at least $75 billion.

The UK and Germany have urged Western countries to use the frozen assets taken from Russian banks and put them back into Ukraine’s military funding. Slovakia, a NATO country, has temporarily halted its funding towards Ukraine as a pro-Russian political party looks set to win the election.

Threat Level High

After the Russian terrorist attack, the UK’s threat level has been put on high alert, with Chancellor Jeremy Hunt issuing a warning to Brits. Chancellor Jeremy Hunt was asked whether the British public should be “concerned” that an attack could occur on British soil, to which he replied, “Absolutely.”

Hunt tried to reassure the public, adding that they were “lucky” to have “Incredibly impressive intelligence agencies” with a track record of stopping attacks. He added that despite this, the public must “remain vigilant,” calling Islamic State “indiscriminate” when deciding their victims. 

Despite Lord Cameron’s response to Putin blaming the West, Russian authorities are likely to push the anti-West agenda to the Russian public.

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