2.4 Million Brits Face Passport Problem This Summer

2.4 million Brits are facing post-Brexit passport issues with the EU. 

Brits Barred From Entering the EU

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Post-Brexit passport rules are barring millions of Britons from entering the EU which is set to cause upheaval and chaos.

Change in Expiry Requirements

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The Easter holiday flagged an estimated 2.4 million travellers who have documents that cannot be used for EU trips due to the change in expiry requirements.

Issued Date Less Than Ten Years Old

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British passports must have a minimum of three months left before their expiry date and must have an issue date less than ten years old on the day of departure to the EU.

Brits Not Clued Up About Passport Change

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Since Brexit, these regulations have become mandatory and many Brits are not in the know which will result in a rude awakening upon their holiday departure.

200 People Falling Victim to the Rule Daily

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However, millions of passports issued before September 2018 have longer validity periods. The Independent did an analysis that suggested almost 200 people are falling victim to this rule daily at UK airports.

Britons Labelled ”Third Country Nationals”

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The UK has been categorised as “third country nationals” following Britain’s Brexit deal with the EU, following different expiry date rules than when it was a member state.

6,4 Million From UK to EU

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The Easter holiday is a 17-day long break which has a high volume of Brits leaving the country over this period. An estimated 6,4 million trips have been scheduled from the UK to Europe.

Longer Validity Periods Now Not Accepted in EU

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Instead of wasting the “life of a passport,” a longer validity on older passports was a way around this. Passport holders could renew up to nine months early and thus not lose any time.

Valid Passport Could Still Have You Barred From Travel

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The valid passport with an issuing date, of ten years to the day, will no longer be allowed to enter the EU even if it still has months remaining before expiry.

32 Million Could Be Affected

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This rule has confused many as they embark on travels under the impression that they still have a valid passport. Some 32 million people have passports issued before September 2018 and these will prove null and void.

Passenger Checked in but Can’t Board Flight

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A recent traveller, Ruth Wade, was denied entrance to her flight despite checking in for her flight 24 hours before.

Issuing Date More Vital Than Validity

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Wade’s passport is valid until October 2024, however, the expiry date was ten years from the issue date resulting in her not having been able to board the flight.

Brits Unaware of the Rule

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Brits are unaware of this rule although many have disregarded it because they believe their passport validity is the decider. The rules were explained publicly, but many are still in the dark.

Added Months Causing Problems

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Official data indicates that 706, 000 passports were issued by HM Passport Office in March 2014, an estimated 80 per cent of those will be renewals which could have had added months.

More Family European Trips Than Anywhere Else

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Most travellers head to the EU due to the proximity, the Geneva routes are busy for winter sports enthusiasts and the city breaks most popular routes are Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris and Rome.

The Onus Is on the Passenger

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Airlines state that it is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure that they comply with the immigration rules of their desired destination.

Airlines Will Not Be Held Responsible

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The airlines will not be held responsible for any booking neglect even when the passengers can book flights and check in before the flight with their “expired passport.”

Insurance Not Covering Validity Issues

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Travel insurers will not pay out for losses related to passport validity issues.

Renewing Is Easy, so No Excuses

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It is advised that all persons acquaint themselves with this rule. A government spokesperson said: “It is quick and easy to renew your passport online or at a Post Office.”

Up to Date to Save You Thousands

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It is advised to ensure that you familiarize yourself with the country of destination requirements, and your travel needs and to keep your identity documents up to date.

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