Poll Reveals Reform UK Are Edging Closer and Closer to Tories

The latest polls show that the right-wing party Reform UK is edging closer to the Conservatives to the point where the Tories should be concerned.

Reform UK Gains Momentum

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In a recent YouGov survey, Britain’s right-wing Party, Reform UK, has grown significantly in popularity ahead of the general election.

Creeping Behind The Tories

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Reform UK, championed by former Brexit leader Nigel Farage, is currently sitting just behind the Tories in the polls.

Tory MPs Defect to Reform

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The Party, currently led by controversial figure Richard Tice, has welcomed two members from the Conservative Party in recent weeks.

Reform Popularity Jump

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The recent poll has revealed that Reform UK’s popularity has increased by 1% in the space of one week.

Reform UK on Tory’s Tail

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That 1% may seem insignificant, but it puts Reform UK just behind the Conservatives in the polls by a difference of five points.

Closing In On Tory Party

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Reform UK now stands with 16%, sitting behind the Tory Party which has just 21%, making it too close for comfort.

Reform’s Popularity in Wales

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In Wales, where another survey was conducted, Reform UK are now sitting just one point behind the Tories, showing a huge concern for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

An Early Easter Present

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Tice insisted that he was “delighted” with the results of the polls, calling the news a “delicious Easter present.”

Tice’s Controversial Welcome

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Tice recently welcomed former Tory MPs Lee Anderson and Dan Barking to the party after Anderson made controversial comments on Islam.

Anderson’s Critique of London Mayor

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Former Tory MP Lee Anderson made it clear he believed that London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan had allowed the city to become under the “control” of “Islamists.”

Anderson Defects to Reform UK

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As a result, Anderson was suspended from the Tory whip, defecting to Reform UK within weeks and criticising his former Party leader, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

Anderson Becomes Reforms First MP

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Anderson became Reform UK’s first elected member of parliament and MP for Ashfield and was hailed by Tice as his new “champion of the red wall.”

Mayoral Candidate Defects to Reform

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Dan Barker, former Tory MP and candidate for the Mayor of Greater Manchester, decided to defect to Reform UK shortly after Anderson, with more expected to switch.

Tory Replacement in Reform

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Barker hailed Reform UK as the “new home of Conservatism” in the UK in his post-switch announcement, suggesting the Party plans to replace the Tories.

Political Landscape

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The Labour Party, under the leadership of Sir Keir Starmer, maintains a significant lead with 40% support, while the Liberal Democrats trail behind at 10%.

Starmer Urges Sunak To Call It

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Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has been urging Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to call a general election as the Party looks to inflict a landslide defeat on the Tories.

Labour Says “Name The Date”

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In a recent PMQs session, Starmer told Sunak to “Call it” with Labour creating numerous social media posts with the phrase “Name the date.”

Sunak’s Ousting Rumours

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Starmer stressed that “half” of Sunak’s Party are plotting against him, referencing the rumours that Sunak was on the verge of being ousted in favour of Penny Mordaunt.

Tice Pushing for More

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Tice insisted that he hopes to creep up even closer to the Tories in the polls, saying “Now let’s aim for 17%” which would put Reform just four points behind.

Reform UK’s Growth

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Reform UK’s growing popularity shows the discontent with the current government on policies such as immigration and the Tory’s handling of the economy.

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