‘Traitors’ – Brits Who Fought for Russia Must Face Full Force of the Law, Says Former Army Colonel

The government is being pressured to arrest two British nationals who have left the UK to fight with the Russian army in its invasion of Ukraine.

Arrest These Men

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According to one ex-Army commander, two British men who are fighting for Russia in Ukraine should be arrested.

Soldier Boasts Online

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One of the soldiers was spotted posting online videos of himself on the frontline against the Ukrainian army.

British Fighters in Ukraine

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Two British men, Ben Stimson and Aiden Minnis, have been identified as fighting alongside Russian forces in the Donbas region.

Stimson’s Revelation

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In one of the videos, Stimson proudly declared that “a lot” of the foreign volunteers have decided to fight for Russia instead of Ukraine.

Joking About the British Taxpayer

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Stimson went on to make a joke about the British taxpayer in one video, claiming that a grenade was “British taxpayers’ returns.”

Choosing to Fight for Russia

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“Every man takes his choice,” said Stimson in a video, “a lot of us, the foreign volunteers, have chosen to come over to this side, to the Russian side.”

Colonel Slams UK Response

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Former Commander of the British Army, Colonel Richard Kemp, has issued a warning to the government, claiming the soldiers should be arrested.

Kemp Calls Out “Absolute Disgrace”

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Labelling the pair as “an absolute disgrace,” Kemp argued that the pair should be put in prison as soon as they set foot back on UK soil.

“Traitors” Should Be Jailed

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According to Kemp, “These two are an absolute disgrace and are traitors who upon their return to the UK should be arrested and jailed.”

Fighting for the Wrong Side

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Kemp accused the two soldiers of having a misunderstanding of the war and who they should be fighting for, “These two traitors clearly don’t know who the enemy is,” he said.

UK Pledges Billions to Ukraine

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The UK has so far pledged over £12 billion to Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression, putting finances towards military equipment and emergency aid.

Sunak’s Plan for Justice

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has called on its allies to take the Russian assets that have been seized from banks and put them back into funding Ukraine’s military.

NATO Countries Keen to Help

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Many countries in the NATO alliance are keen to fight off Russian aggression, with Germany and the UK leading the way, although some have now pulled out.

Slovakia Pulls Out of Ukraine Aid

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Slovakia has recently stalled its funding to help Ukraine fight for its sovereignty after recent elections involving Russian sympathisers put a spanner in the works.

Lord Cameron Fights for Freedom

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Former Prime Minister and current Foreign Secretary Lord David Cameron has insisted that the UK will do all it can to help restore Ukrainian sovereignty.

Putin Blames West for Terrorist Attacks

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After recent terrorist attacks in the Russian capital city of Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin has falsely blamed the West and Ukraine.

IS Claims Responsibility for Attacks

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So-called Islamic State, a terrorist organisation from the Middle East, has claimed responsibility for the attacks, although Putin has accused Ukraine and the UK of training them.

Putin’s “Utter Nonsense”

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Lord Cameron has dismissed claims that the UK and the West had anything to do with the terrorist attacks, branding Putin’s words as “utter nonsense.”

US Warnings Dismissed

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The US allegedly tried to issue a warning to the Russian authorities after it caught wind of the potential attacks, but Putin dismissed them as Western Propaganda.

British Border Control Expectation

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With British people allegedly fighting in Ukraine for Russia, border control will be expected to protect national security by carrying out swift security checks in airports as they try to return.

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