Khan Vows to Tackle London Policing Ahead of Mayoral Election

The Mayor of London has committed new police officers to London’s streets if Labour wins the election.

Sadiq Khan’s Commitment

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According to the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, a Labour victory in the general election would allow him to introduce more police officers to the capital city.

Khan’s Promise to London

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Khan has promised 1300 new Metropolitan Police officers on the condition that Labour is voted into government in the general election this year.

Mayoral Election Campaign

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Before the general election that’s expected for Autumn, a Mayoral election campaign is under way for Sadiq Khan ahead of the vote count on May 2nd.

Hall Blames Khan for Recruitment Issues

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Khan’s opponent, Tory MP Susan Hall, has put the blame on Khan for his role in the city’s failure to recruit the targeted amount of Metropolitan Police officers last year.

Khan Blaming “Anyone but Himself”

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Hall posted on her social media that Khan “Loves to blame anyone but himself for things that are going wrong in London.”

Khan to Blame for Police Shortage

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Hall accused Khan of failing to “Sufficiently recruit police officers and he has had to give money back due to his failure.”

Hall Pledges £200M

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Hall insisted she would return the police to the streets and invest £200 million into the Metropolitan Police Force, arguing that Khan doesn’t care about Londoners.

Khan Not Taking Policing Seriously?

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According to Hall, Khan “isn’t taking policing seriously, and this latest pledge isn’t worth the paper it’s written on”.

Khan to Add 1300 Met Officers

Khan insisted that he would add 1300 more Met Police Officers on the basis that both he and the Labour Party win their respective election this year.

Khan Leads in the Polls

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Khan is in the lead in the polls over his fellow candidate Susan Hall, leaving Hall substantially far behind by 27 percentage points.

Labour Landslide on the Cards

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The Labour Party itself is also predicted to inflict a landslide victory on the Tories in the general election expected to be announced for Autumn this year.

Leading the Tories

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Labour leads the way in a recent Ipsos poll that put Labour in the lead by over 20 percentage points with the Tories sitting behind in second.

Khan Promises Police Restoration

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Khan asserted that he can only “guarantee a restoration of neighbourhood policing if both I win and the Labour party wins at the next general election.”

Khan’s Defense

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Khan attributed the recruitment challenges to various factors, including stricter vetting processes for new recruits and concerns over salaries amid the city’s cost of living crisis.

Khan Excited to Work With Labour Government

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Khan called the prospect of a Labour Mayor working with a Labour government “an incredibly exciting opportunity” that has “only happened once before.”

Tory Neglect in London

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Khan slammed the Tory’s reign as a “decade of Tory neglect” and insisted that “a return to proper neighbourhood policing will be at the heart” of his team.

Khan Blames Cost of Living

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Khan claimed that the cost of living crisis imposed by the Tory government didn’t allow him to recruit enough police officers last year.

Hall Attacks Khan for Knife Crime and ULEZ

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The main catchphrase of Susan Hall’s campaign claims that she will be “Listening to Londoners” slamming Khan for his ULEZ policy and inability to tackle knife crime.

Hall to Scrap ULEZ

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Hall insisted she would scrap Khan’s controversial ULEZ policy within the first day of her leadership and pledged more security around London to tackle knife crime.

Labour Set for Double Victory

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With both Labour and Khan leading by some distance in the polls, it’s looking more likely that Hall’s harsh criticisms won’t matter in the end.

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