21 Brutal Truths About Turning 40 Nobody Warned Us About

Middle age sneaks up like a rogue double-decker bus. Here’s the real lowdown on this unglamorous ascent into your older and supposedly wiser years.

1. Aches and Pains Everywhere

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Body’s new hobby? Collecting random aches. Bonus points if you groan when standing up.

2. Slower Metabolism

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Metabolism has gone from sprint to slow saunter. Now, even looking at a doughnut can make you feel bloated.

3. Grey Hairs Galore

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Grey hairs pop up with the audacity of people who talk in the cinema.

4. Hangovers Are Worse

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Two drinks now guarantee a hangover that could rival your worst flu.

5. Less Tolerance for Nonsense

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Your BS detector is finely tuned and has zero patience left. Use it wisely.

6. Financial Pressures Mount

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Remember when your biggest financial worry was how to afford your next night out? Cute.

7. Friendships Change

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Catching up with friends now requires a calendar, a planner, and divine intervention.

8. Career Plateau

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Your career’s like British weather: no significant change expected.

9. Realising Mortality

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Suddenly, life insurance ads seem personally targeted. Coincidence? I think not.

10. Parents Aging

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Becoming your parents’ tech support wasn’t the job you applied for, yet here you are.

11. Youthful Fashions Don’t Fit

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The fashion police have issued a warrant for your arrest if you wear that crop top again.

12. Memory Lapses

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You’ve got three types of days: good, bad, and where did I put my keys?

13. The Battle With Technology

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“Why do I need three remotes to operate one television?” – A middle-aged mystery.

14. Bedtime Gets Earlier

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9 PM is the new midnight. Party animal, who?

15. Health Screenings

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Doctor’s visits are now more regular than your coffee breaks.

16. Hearing Changes

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“What?” is just part of your daily vocabulary now.

17. Vision Deterioration

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You and magnifying glasses might just be the next big romance.

18. Skin Changes

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Wrinkles are just your face’s way of showing off how much you’ve laughed. Or frowned.

19. Midlife Crisis

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Midlife crisis? More like a weekly breakdown. Thrifty!

20. Work-Life Balance Struggles

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Work-life balance is more mythical than a unicorn at this point.

21. Realising Time Is Finite

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You start buying green bananas with a sense of reckless optimism.

Middle Age: A Time of Realisation and Resilience

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Welcome to middle age, where the truth hurts, but you can’t hear it because everything hurts more. Embrace the chaos, laugh at the absurdity, and remember, it’s all uphill from here—or was it downhill?

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