Calls for OBE Tory Donor to Lose NHS Contracts Following Diane Abbott Comments

Healthcare unions and anti-racism advocates demand accountability as allegations against Frank Hester prompt calls for resignation from NHS contracts, sparking controversy over political connections and ethical integrity. Here’s the full story. 

Racist Uproar

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The uproar over Frank Hester’s reported racist comments about MP Diane Abbott is stubbornly refusing to go away despite Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s fervent wishes to the contrary. 

Unprecedented Outcry

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Following Hester’s widely reported remarks, there has been an unprecedented outcry from all across the political spectrum, with even some fellow Conservatives urging Sunak to return over £10 million in donations that Hester made to the party. 


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However, the shockwaves from the despicable comments, unveiled in a recent Guardian article, continue to rumble on. 

UK Medical Practices

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Most recently, unions representing healthcare professionals have demanded Hester’s resignation from his company, TPP, which manages electronic patient records for a significant portion of UK medical practices. 

NHS Contracts

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The unions contend that, following the allegations of Hester’s derogatory comments about Abbott, questions need to be asked about his suitability to hold NHS contracts. 

Close Relationships

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Questions continue to swirl around the closeness of Hester’s relationships with top government officials, particularly Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. 

Several Meetings

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There have been several reports of multiple meetings between Sunak and Hester, including one in which Sunak took a helicopter trip for a political visit valued at £16,000, which Hester paid for. 

No Comment

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However, Downing Street has refused to disclose the frequency of their pairs’ meetings, which has fueled speculation and raised concerns about potential conflicts of interest.

Hester and Sunak

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Photographic evidence from various events has surfaced, showing Hester and Sunak together, further fuelling the controversy. 

“Just Too Weak”

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Labour’s Anneliese Dodds has called on Chancellor Sunak to clarify his association with Hester, stating, “Rishi Sunak has shown he is just too weak to pay back his millions and cut ties completely. Rishi Sunak needs to come clean about the relationship he has with Frank Hester, including how many times he has met with him since becoming prime minister.”

Fit and Proper Person Test

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The British Medical Association (BMA) has cited Hester’s remarks as a breach of NHS England’s fit and proper person test, designed to ensure individuals in leadership positions uphold non-discriminatory principles outlined in the Equality Act 2010. 


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The BMA’s General Practitioners’ Committee (GPC) has passed a motion demanding Hester’s resignation from TPP, emphasising the zero-tolerance policy towards racism and sexism within the NHS.

Echoed Sentiments

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Healthcare professionals across various organisations have echoed the BMA’s sentiments, condemning Hester’s comments and urging decisive action. 

“How Appalled GPs Are”

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Dr. Alan Stout and Dr. Andrew Buist, co-chairs of the GPC, stated, “This emergency motion makes clear how appalled GPs are. There is no room for racism or sexism in the NHS, and the committee believes he should resign his position with immediate effect.”

Appalling Comments

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Christina McAnea from Unison, the union representing over half a million NHS workers, stated, “The abusive comments levelled at Diane Abbott were appalling. People rightly expect that companies providing public services aren’t headed by individuals with racist views.”

Halt to Contracts

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Rachel Harrison, GMB’s national secretary, representing members such as nurses and ambulance drivers, called for a halt in awarding additional contracts to Hester’s company.

“Rotten Conservative Government”

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Harrison stated, “The Hester affair is just another example of a rotten Conservative government failing the country at every turn.The public should expect the highest standards from public sector suppliers, and it’s time to call a halt on the money-go-round from public contracts straight into the Tory party’s coffers.”

“Conflict of Interest”

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She continued, “There should be a moratorium on new NHS contracts while he is negotiating a new £5m donation to the Conservatives – it’s a clear conflict of interest.”

Pressure Mounting

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Pressure is mounting on Sunak to address the situation and demonstrate a firm commitment to combating racism. 

Tangible Steps

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Anti-racism groups, supported by prominent figures like Dorothy Price, have called for tangible steps to address systemic issues and foster inclusivity within government and society.

“Vile Comments”

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Price, professor of the history of art at the University of Bristol and a founding member of the Centre for black humanities tweeted, “Frank Hester has made vile comments about Diane Abbott. He doesn’t deserve to be honoured but holds an OBE. Agree? Sign the petition demanding his OBE be stripped from him now!”

Racism is Normalised

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In addition, the leaders of ten anti-racism organisations have written to Sunak to call on him to commit to fighting racism in “an increasingly normalised culture of racism that has been allowed to fester under the current administration.”

“Champion the Cause”

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Their letter read, “We would invite you to take this opportunity to champion the cause of anti-racism and to lead by example, demonstrating that the UK government is unequivocally committed to fighting racism and fostering a society where equality, respect and inclusivity are paramount.”

Scandal Tremors

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It seems that the Prime Minister should have been more careful about whom he associates with, as the tremors from this most recent scandal threaten not only the perception of him and the government he leads but also their election chances should Sunak finally do the right thing and return Hester’s donation. 

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