Cameron’s Foreign Policy Torn to SHREDS by Close Trump Ally

Trump ally Elbridge Colby has delivered a scathing critique of UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron’s foreign policy, while offering praise for Labour’s David Lammy, highlighting the complex dynamics shaping transatlantic relations. Here’s the full story.

Any Good News?

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The Conservative government in the UK appears desperate for any good news to tout ahead of the upcoming general election, which is widely predicted to be a wipeout for the governing party. 

Allies to Adversaries

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However, it seems that even staunch allies have turned against Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s floundering government. 

Blistering Attack

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David Cameron has been the target of a blistering attack from Elbridge Colby, a prominent Trump Republican who is widely assumed to be Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor should the legally embattled former President win re-election. 

“Lecturing” the US

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Colby’s outspoken opinions, which he aired on POLITICO’s Power Play podcast, were severely critical of Foreign Secretary David Cameron. Colby accused Cameron of “lecturing” US politicians over the Republican stance on the war in Ukraine. 

Sceptical Republicans

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Cameron had previously attempted to win over sceptical Republicans in the US, who, like Donald Trump, are incandescent with rage over the US continuing to send arms and money to Ukraine to aid the beleaguered nation in its fight against Russia’s imperialist ambitions. 

“Astounding Intervention”

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Colby called Cameron’s attempts to convince the Republicans to pass a $61 billion Ukrainian aid deal, which eventually made it through Congress, an “astounding intervention into the American system … I mean, talk about foreign interference.”

Misplaced Priorities

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Colby also criticised Cameron’s continued advocacy for closer ties with China during his term as UK Prime Minister, accusing Cameron of having misplaced priorities and questionable judgement. 

“Panda Hug”

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Colby stated, “Cameron finds every opportunity to come and moralise to the Americans after he was responsible for cutting the British military and the ‘panda hug’ of China in the early 2010s. So it’s really the height of audacity for such a person to be coming and lecturing us.”

Profound Admiration

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In stark contrast to his disapproval of Cameron, Colby expressed his profound admiration for Labour’s David Lammy, the shadow Foreign Secretary.

“Far Preferable”

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Colby said on the POLITICO podcast, “Based on what I can see, David Lammy is far preferable to David Cameron, obviously. I mean absolutely.”

“More Delivery”

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He continued, “Lammy is laying out a more compatible vision to what people like me are talking about, which is an increase in defence, spending more of a UK focus on Europe. I’d rather have a lot less talk and haranguing and more delivery.”

2.5% of GDP

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Colby reserved particular ire for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s pledge to increase defence spending to 2.5% of GDP.

“Accounting Trickery”

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Colby stated, “The Poles are going to 4 percent defence spending, including over a transition of government. Britain is giving us this fake accounting trickery and then yet coming in and haranguing us.”

Wake Up Call

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Trump has repeatedly called on other NATO members to increase their defence spending, which may have been the wake-up call that led Sunak to announce the increased funds for the UK military. 

“Creative Accounting”

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However, the Prime Minister also added that there would be no tax rises to fund the policy, which opposition figures and many economists have criticised for what one expert called “creative accounting.”

Growing Chasm

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Many might consider it strange that Colby, a staunch Trump Republican, should look so favourably on Lammy, a centre-left politician from the UK. Still, Colby puts this down to what he sees as the growing chasm between American and British conservatives.

The War of 1812

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Colby stated, “You just need a lot more realism in the UK Government. I find the gap between British conservatives and American conservatives must be at an all-time high. Maybe going back to, I don’t know, 1812.”

Improving Relations

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It also helps that Lammy has been at the forefront of Labour’s efforts to improve relations with both Republicans and Democrats in the US in the lead-up to the UK election, where it is widely expected that Labour will be elected to government. 

Broader Tensions

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However, Colby’s contrasting viewpoints underscore broader tensions within the transatlantic alliance, particularly around defence spending and geopolitical alliances in a world that seems less stable than at any time since the Cold War. 

Ukraine vs China

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While Democrats regularly tout their full financial support for Ukraine against a newly belligerent Russia, Republicans are much more concerned with China as a political adversary.

Increasingly Uncertain

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As the political landscape continues to shift under the feet of UK politicians, the future of the US-UK’s close partnership looks increasingly uncertain. 

Strange Bedfellows

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The looming spectre of Trump being re-elected makes increasingly strange bedfellows for both the Conservatives and Labour in an ever-more-unpredictable world.

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