Ukraine Strikes a Severe Blow to the Heart of the the Russian Military

Ukraine’s intense offensive against Russian forces has struck several severe blows at the heart of the Kremlin’s military hierarchy. Reports suggest that top generals and commanders from Moscow have been obliterated, leaving the Russian military in disarray.  Ukraine Strikes at the Heart of Russian Military Leadership! Kyiv’s special forces orchestrated a devastating assault, striking the … Read more

Is the Modern Military Discriminating Against Conservative, White Males?

Experts have slammed recent claims that “woke” policies within the Pentagon are the primary cause of a massive U.S. military recruiting crisis. Here’s the full story. Woke Is Not the Only Issue Duke University professor and former National Security Council member, Peter Feaver, argues that while the “woke” narrative has dominated discussions, the real drivers … Read more

“A Functional Defeat” – Ukraine’s Surprising Triumph in the Black Sea Battle Reshapes the Course of the War

Ukraine’s relentless assault in the Black Sea has sent shockwaves through the geopolitical landscape. As Vladimir Putin’s prized naval fleet faces a “functional defeat,” the world watches closely to see if this strategic turning point will reshape the course of the conflict. Ukraine’s Intensified Attack In the ever-evolving theater of Ukraine’s conflict with Russia, recent … Read more

Russia Repels Major Ukrainian Drone Attack Amid Concerns Over Kyiv’s Depleting Weapons Stockpile

In a significant development in the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Russian military officials have claimed to thwart a massive drone attack from Ukrainian forces while Ukraine faces a declining stock of artillery. Here’s the full story. Largest Single Cross-Border Drone Assault Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine 20 months ago, this incident represents the … Read more