Russia Repels Major Ukrainian Drone Attack Amid Concerns Over Kyiv’s Depleting Weapons Stockpile

In a significant development in the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Russian military officials have claimed to thwart a massive drone attack from Ukrainian forces while Ukraine faces a declining stock of artillery. Here’s the full story.

Largest Single Cross-Border Drone Assault

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Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine 20 months ago, this incident represents the largest single cross-border drone assault that Moscow has documented.

On October 4, the Russian Defense Ministry declared that 31 Ukrainian drones launched in border regions by Kiev’s forces had been effectively downed by that country’s air defenses.

No Reports of Damages

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Although the Russian Defense Ministry made these claims, no immediate reports of damage or casualties were available.

No Evidence

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Notably, neither did the ministry disclose any information concerning potential harm or casualties, nor did it offer any proof to back up its assertions regarding the intercepted Ukrainian drones.

The Claims

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Moscow also claimed that Russian planes had prevented a Ukrainian attempt to station troops in Russian-occupied Crimea.

The Ukrainian military allegedly intended to set foot on Crimea’s westernmost cape, Cape Tarkhankut, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

Could Not Be Independently Verified

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However, the accuracy of Moscow’s claims could not be verified, and Ukrainian officials refrained from commenting on the situation.

Ukraine Is Facing Depleting Military Supplies

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These alleged actions come as Ukraine’s counteroffensive has been progressing slowly, and concerns have arisen due to depleting military supplies and mounting challenges in replenishing stocks.

The Attacks

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Over the past few months, Ukraine has launched drone strikes on Russian territories, which have depleted its stockpiles.

Limitations in Western Support

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Furthermore, Ukraine faces growing concerns about restocking its military inventory amid potential limitations in Western support.

Bottom of the Barrel Is Now Visible

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Admiral Rob Bauer, the head of NATO’s Military Committee, sounded the alarm regarding Ukraine’s depleted stockpiles, saying that “the bottom of the barrel is now visible” concerning arms supplies.

Political Turmoil in the United States

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Bauer’s warning coincides with internal political turmoil in the United States, Ukraine’s primary military supplier.

This turmoil includes the removal of Speaker Kevin McCarthy and a group in Congress who opposes sending additional military aid to Ukraine

Dwindling Funds

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Additionally, the Pentagon has informed Congress that it is running out of money to replenish the weaponry it has already deployed to Ukraine.

Biden Took Action

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In response to these funding concerns, President Joe Biden initiated calls with allies in Europe, along with the leaders of Japan and Canada, to coordinate support for Ukraine.

Twitter Users Expressed Their Views

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Several social media users shared their thoughts on the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “Stop funding Ukraine. it is clear Ukraine is losing the war.”

Ukraine Is Lying

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Another user added, “Of course, they would say that when they know no more money is coming. Not one dime should be given to any outside country till things are fixed at home first.”

Biden Maybe Connected

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A third user commented, “I’m starting to really believe that Biden is the one colluding with Russia to orchestrate this war in Ukraine for money laundering purposes and to keep whatever Ukraine has on him secret.”

Peace Deal

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A fourth user wrote, “Well if 32 NATO member countries can’t supply enough weapons to Ukraine they should work on a peace deal immediately and save us billions.”

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