Charles III to Appear on UK Banknotes on June 5th

UK banknotes featuring King Charles III will be introduced by June 5th, with warnings to businesses to ensure they are ready for the changeover. Here’s the whole story.

Familiar Face

One of the things that has become so commonplace over the last half a century has been the face of the Queen on banknotes. 

Queen Elizabeth II had been on the throne for so long that her first appearance on banknotes was on the £1 note in 1960, followed by the one-shilling note in 1961. 

Since then, the British Empire has faded into the Commonwealth, and the denominations of the money in our pocket have changed, but one thing always remained the same: the face of the Queen on our money. 

King Charles III

However, all that is about to change, as The Bank of England has announced that it will release banknotes featuring King Charles III for the first time on June 5th. 

Along with this announcement, the Bank of England also reminded businesses to ensure their machines are ready to handle the new designs. 

The new banknotes will showcase King Charles III’s portrait, integrated into the existing designs of the £5, £10, £20 and £50 notes. 

His image will feature on both the front of the notes as well as on the see-through security windows while retaining the familiar layout and other security features of the currency. 

Environmental Concerns

However, rather than a grand showcase, the rollout will likely adopt a more subdued approach, possibly influenced by King Charles III’s environmental advocacy. 

Over the years, the monarch has made many speeches warning about the disastrous ecological impact of plastic and chemical pollution. 

His longstanding commitment to environmental conservation started with a speech on plastic pollution as far back as 1970. 

Something Old, Something New

In a nod to King Charles III’s environmental activism, the Bank of England stressed that the notes “will only be printed to replace those that are worn and to meet any overall increase in demand for banknotes.” 

This approach aligns with guidance from the royal household to minimize the environmental and financial impact of the currency change.

The new notes will also be a polymer, as all new notes have been since 2016, when the Bank of England phased out paper money at the end of a 320-year run. 

Fortunately for consumers, old banknotes featuring Queen Elizabeth II will remain legal tender. 

£81 Billion

Over 4.6 billion sterling banknotes are in circulation, valued at over £81 billion. The announcement of the new notes coincided with a series of adjustments businesses must make when handling the new currency. 

Various sectors must update their machines, from retail outlets to transportation services to banks and other financial companies, to accommodate the new note designs.

The Bank of England urges affected businesses to complete necessary adaptations by June 5th to ensure the changeover occurs without a hitch.

Business Updates

In preparation for the transition, banknote equipment manufacturers are releasing updates for businesses to install. 

These updates are crucial for machines involved in accepting, sorting, or verifying banknotes, which will help facilitate the seamless integration of the new currency into circulation.

The inclusion of monarchs on banknotes has a fascinating history, with King George II appearing on the Royal Bank of Scotland 20 shilling note in 1727.

Printing the monarch’s image on the money was difficult and expensive but, when completed, was an excellent anti-counterfeiting measure.

300 Years of Tradition

With the introduction of the new banknotes featuring King Charles III, a tradition spanning back almost 300 years will continue. It signifies a profound moment in the changing of British currency. 

We carry money with us almost everywhere we go, and for the last half a decade, the face on our money has been the same: Queen Elizabeth II. Now, for the first time in 64 years, the monarch’s face on our money will change. 

While celebrating this historic milestone, businesses must prepare for the practical implications of this change. With meticulous planning and adherence to the Bank of England guidelines, integrating new banknotes into circulation promises a seamless transition for all King Charles III subjects.

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