Cheery Braverman Predicts Downfall of UK – Blames Visa System

Former Home Secretary Suella Braverman has warned that Britain will become “unrecognisable,” criticising the amount of work visas the Home Office has approved, despite only being removed from her role in November. 

Suella Braverman’s Warning

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Former Home Secretary Suella Braverman has warned about the state of Britain’s border control arguing that the situation is unsustainable and could transform Britain into an “unrecognizable” state.

Critique of Infrastructure Capacity

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Braverman argued that the country lacks the infrastructure, including “homes, GPs or schools” to safely support the rise in immigrants that are entering the country.

Border Security Challenges

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Former immigration inspector David Neal has also called for tighter borders and airport protection in a series of reports, due to alleged unmanned border posts and staff distractions that he says lead to national security threats.

Britain’s “National Disaster”

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Braverman has slammed the government for the rise in immigration over the last year, as Britain granted an estimated 1.4 million visas to new residents from overseas, in what she called a “national disaster.”

Lack of Leadership in Asylum Seeker Accommodation

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Neal also pointed fingers at Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and the Home Office for what he called a “lack of grip and poor leadership,” citing incomplete “bread and butter” checks, threatening the officers who look after the borders.

Neal Sacked for Lack of Confidence

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Neal was sacked from his position after the government lost confidence in him because he argued, “I believe the protection of the border is neither effective nor efficient,” after doing checks.

Braverman’s Disapproval of Migration Record

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Braverman was also dismissed from her position in November for hateful rhetoric against protestors and now she’s criticizing Sunak for allowing record-high asylum approvals.

Health and Social Care Visa Increase

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The Home Office reported a significant increase in the issuance of health and social care visas for foreign employees, contributing to the overall rise in immigration numbers.

Record Numbers of Work Visas

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Official figures reveal a surge in foreign workers arriving in the UK, with a record 616,371 work visas issued in the past year, compared to 421,565 in 2022.

Falling Numbers of Irregular Arrivals

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Despite record amounts of legal visas issued, new statistics reveal a one-third reduction in people arriving through irregular means, ie small boats, since 2022, with a total of 36,704. 

Security Risks at Stansted

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Neal criticized a “culture of defensiveness” within the Home Office accusing officials of layering a “positive gloss” on problems instead of admitting them and fixing them, which he says comes from a “lack of focus and poor infrastructure.”

Asylum Seeker Hotel Oversight

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Neal’s report revealed a reliance on private contractors for reporting DBS checks, with periodic spot checks by the Home Office deemed insufficient. He notes cases of children going missing from hotels since 2021.

Resistance to Reducing Immigration

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Braverman revealed resistance around the Cabinet table to reducing overall immigration numbers for several years, arguing, “There has been a lot of resistance around the Cabinet table to reducing overall numbers for a number of years.”

Britain Will Be “Unrecognizable”

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“Britain will be unrecognizable if this carries on. It’s not what the British people, including me, voted for,” Braverman said, just weeks after she came under fire for controversial comments regarding “Islamists.”

Braverman’s Controversial Week

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Braverman made controversial comments that suggested “Islamists are in charge of Britain now” in an article written in a newspaper, which followed a string of events that no one saw coming.

Lee Anderson Suspended Over Comments

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After Braverman’s comments, former Tory MP Lee Anderson was suspended for saying “Islamists” had taken control over the capital city along with London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Sunak Under Fire

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Rishi Sunak has faced intense criticism for his response to the “Islamophobic” comments from members of his party, as he denied a racist issue running through his MPs, but called Anderson’s comments “wrong.”

Deputy PM Downplays Comments

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Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden downplayed both Anderson and Braverman’s comments, suggesting that the words were “wrong” but “not intentionally racist.” 

Prime Minister Reluctant to Condemn

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With Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s commitment to “Stopping the boats,” he seems reluctant to disagree with Braverman about Britain becoming “unrecognizable.”

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