Row Erupts as Tory Labels Areas “No-Go Zones” Due to Muslim Gangs

After Islamophobic accusations hit former Tory MP Lee Anderson, his colleague Paul Scully is now under fire for comments about alleged “no-go” Muslim areas of London and Birmingham.

London MP’s Comments Spark Controversy

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London MP, Paul Scully, has received backlash for his recent remarks about perceived “no-go” areas in London and Birmingham, which he defends.

Concerns About Neighborhood Changes

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Scully expressed that people are concerned about changes in neighbourhoods and claimed that in some areas, residents feel uncomfortable due to religious and cultural differences.

Cultural Differences Spark Concerns

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“There are areas where there are a tiny minority of people who make people uncomfortable about not being of their religion, of their culture,” Scully argued.

Scully’s Attack on Muslim Areas

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Scully argued that there were parts of London, specifically Tower Hamlets, and Birmingham, specifically Sparkhill, that are “no-go areas,” but critics say he was Islamophobic since these areas have large Muslim communities.

Scully’s Apology

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Scully later apologised for his remarks, arguing that he was referring to so-called “Muslim Patrols” that he alleged were walking the streets “a few years ago.”

Scully Argues Missing the Point

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Scully said that he was trying to make a point that we should address why “a very small minority – whether it’s Muslims, whether it’s gangs… are creating fear.”

Labour MP Demands Apology

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These comments have been deemed controversial and were met with heavy backlash from MPs, including Labour’s Jess Phillips of Sparkhill, who demanded an apology for what she called, “utter drivel.”

Scully’s Half-Hearted Apology

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Scully insisted “If I’ve spoken mistakenly or created division, then I apologise,” but also argued that “there are a handful of people who will always seek offence and there are people who come in behind that.”

Phillips Defends Sparkhill

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Phillips argued that Sparkhill is a safe area for families, revealing that she has kids who hang out in Sparkhill day and night, (and) never had a moment’s worry.”

Criticism of Fellow MP

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Scully criticized fellow MP Lee Anderson’s comments about London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan, where he insisted “Islamists” had “got control of Khan and they’ve got control of London, and they’ve got control of Starmer as well.”

Scully Labels Anderson’s Comments “Inflammatory”

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Scully heavily criticized these comments, labelling them as “wrongheaded” and “inflammatory” however critics argue that his comments reflect a growing trend of Islamophobia within the Tory Party.

Tory Mayor Criticises Politicians

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Critics such as Tory West Midlands Mayor Andy Street, urged politicians to stop with the rhetoric, arguing that “those in Westminster” need to “stop the nonsense slurs”.

Denial of No-Go Area Assertion

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While acknowledging discomfort in certain neighbourhoods, Scully clarified that he did not declare Tower Hamlets as a “no-go area.”

Prime Minister’s Disagreement

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A spokesperson for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak stated that the PM disagreed with Scully’s comments, shortly after Sunak himself called Anderson’s comments “wrong.”

Sunak Urges to Choose Words Carefully

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Sunak argued that “It’s important that everybody, but particularly elected politicians, are careful with their words and do not inflame tensions,” but refrained from calling Anderson’s comments racist or Islamophobic.

Anderson Wants to Show No Weakness

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Anderson himself admitted that while his words were “clumsy” and he understands why he was suspended, apologizing now would “be a sign of weakness.”

Lack of Evidence for Muslim Gangs

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When asked for evidence of Muslim gangs operating in London, Scully couldn’t provide any, expressing frustration at being perceived as a conspiracy theorist.

Scully’s Assurance on Muslim Conspiracies

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Scully assured the public that he wasn’t saying “all Muslims are pushing people out,” and that those “conspiracy” theories are “patently ridiculous.”

Condemning Scully’s Words

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After condemning Anderson’s comments, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan accused Scully of “resorting to a notorious Islamophobic trope,” with a “highly offensive and untrue claim that there are ‘no-go’ areas for non-Muslims in parts of London.”

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