Forgotten High Streets: 18 UK Towns Crippled By Retail Decline

The UK’s high streets, once bustling centres of commerce and community, have been facing a gradual decline. A combination of factors, including the rise of online shopping, high business rates, and changing consumer habits, has left many town centres struggling. Here’s a look at 18 towns that exemplify the challenges faced by high streets across the country.

#1. Poole, Dorset

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Poole has experienced significant retail downturns, with store closures marking a challenging period for the local high street.

#2. Blackpool, Lancashire

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Despite its tourist appeal, Blackpool’s high street has not been immune to the retail woes affecting the nation, with many shops closing down.

#3. Warrington, Cheshire

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Warrington represents the broader struggle within the Northwest, balancing between modern retail demands and traditional high street offerings.

#4. Stoke-on-Trent

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This town faces the dual challenge of economic pressures and a shift towards online shopping, impacting foot traffic to physical stores.

#5. Hartlepool

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With a high vacancy rate in retail spaces, Hartlepool highlights the impact of economic downturns on smaller town centres.

#6. Bolton

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Bolton’s high street has seen better days, with a noticeable decline in both retail and leisure visitors.

#7. Rochdale

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Rochdale’s efforts to revitalize its town center reflect the tough journey many high streets are on, striving to attract businesses and shoppers back.

#8. Grimsby

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Grimsby faces a stark reality of retail decline, with key shopping areas experiencing a drop in visitor numbers and shop closures.

#9. Sunderland

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Sunderland’s high street is battling against the tide of retail challenges, including the draw of online shopping and the need for physical space revitalization.

#10. Newport, Wales

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Newport’s high street has been trying to reinvent itself amid the changing retail landscape, facing hurdles like store closures and economic shifts.

#11. Margate

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Though Margate has seen a cultural resurgence, its high street still grapples with the common retail woes of vacancies and economic pressures.

#12. Dundee

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In Scotland, Dundee’s high street reflects the broader Scottish experience of navigating through retail downturns and seeking revitalization strategies.

#13. Luton

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Luton’s town centre faces the challenge of adapting to modern retail needs while coping with the departure of traditional retail outlets.

#14. Preston

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Preston’s high street is working to balance modernization with preserving the unique character that draws people to physical shopping environments.

#15. Oldham

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With a noticeable number of empty shops, Oldham is another town feeling the pinch of retail decline and looking for ways to bounce back.

#16. Swindon

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Swindon’s retail sector is facing challenges, with efforts underway to rejuvenate its high street and shopping centers.

#17. Wolverhampton

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The high street in Wolverhampton is another example of the nationwide struggle, facing vacancies and the need for innovative solutions.

#18. Hull

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Hull’s high street is in the midst of transformation efforts to address retail challenges and enhance the city center’s appeal.


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The decline of the UK’s high streets is a complex issue with no one-size-fits-all solution. However, these towns exemplify the resilience and creative approaches being undertaken to revive the heart of British towns.

From embracing digital innovation to reimagining the use of space, the future of the high street may look different but holds potential for rebirth and renewal.

These examples are illustrative and based on general trends observed up to early 2023. For the most current information and specific data, I recommend consulting recent studies or news articles focusing on the UK’s retail environment.

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