Boris Johnson Bizarrely Advocates for a World Led by Donald Trump

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has lauded Donald Trump’s presidency for its perceived stability, while Liz Truss advocates for unwavering conservative principles in the face of global challenges. Here’s the whole story.

Tailor-Made Statement

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Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been out of the headlines for a while, and no doubt suffering from a chronic lack of attention, recently made a tailor-made statement to get him back into the public spotlight. 

Stable Trump

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The former Prime Minister announced that he thought the world experienced a sense of safety and stability during Donald Trump’s presidency. 

Global Security

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Johnson made his controversial remarks to The Sun, stating that there was a discernible feeling of calmness and global security under the former President, who is currently facing multiple criminal charges and still contends, incorrectly, that he won the last presidential election. 

“Strong and Decisive”

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Johnson stated, “Right now, much of the world is craving the stability that goes with strong and decisive American leadership.”

Secondary Support

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This is not the first time Johnson has announced his support for Trump, who he endorsed in his column in The Daily Mail. 

Steadfast Endorsement

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Despite the many controversies surrounding Trump, Johnson’s endorsement remains steadfast. 

Truss Wades In

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This endorsement diverges from the other former Prime Minister, Liz Truss, who also recently made a statement on Trump.


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Unlike Johnson’s explicit endorsement, Liz Truss, in her address to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), stated that she wanted another Republican in the White House but didn’t go as far as directly endorsing Trump.

“Save the West”

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Truss, who is on a tour to support her upcoming book, ‘Ten Years To Save The West,’ stuck to the lines that her presumably publicist gave her, emphasising that conservatives being in power would “save the West.”

Russia, Iran and China

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According to Truss, the West needs to be saved from perceived adversaries like Russia, Iran, and China.

Unwavering Resolve

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Truss also stressed the importance of unwavering conservative resolve in confronting challenges, even if unpopular. 

“We Need A Republican”

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Truss stated, “Of course we need a Republican back in the White House. By the way, it isn’t just America that needs it desperately, we need it desperately right across the free world, because you are the leaders of the free world, like it or not.”

“Prepared to Fight”

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She also attempted to rally people behind the conservative cause, stating, “We need Republicans who are prepared to fight. We need Republicans who aren’t going to cave in to the establishment. We need Republicans who are prepared to take on those difficult tasks even if it’s unpopular, even if they’re criticised, even if they don’t get invited to any dinner parties.”

In Name Only

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Truss also criticised what she termed “Conservatives in name only – who prioritise popularity and acceptance over ideological integrity. 

Social Acceptance

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She cautioned against compromising core principles of social acceptance, asserting that such actions weaken conservative arguments and dilute their effectiveness.

No Detail

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However, Truss did not go into detail about whether she weakened conservative arguments by only lasting six weeks as Prime Minister and crashing the UK economy.  

Mysterious Cabal

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Truss went over her familiar talking points, reiterating her concerns that it was not her disastrous policies that brought down her premiership but rather a mysterious cabal of left-wing interest groups and activists.

“Bigger Bazooka”

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Tailoring her speech for a gun-loving American audience, Truss said, “Conservatives are now operating in what is now a hostile environment, and we essentially need a bigger bazooka.”

Prominent Conservatives

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The CPAC event, where Truss delivered her address, is set to feature more speeches from other prominent yet controversial conservatives, including Donald Trump and Nigel Farage. 

Shaping Political Discourse

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Their participation underscores the ongoing influence of the pair, who have arguably done more to shape conservative political discourse in the US and the UK than any other politician in modern times. 

Heavyweights of Conservatism

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So, while Boris Johnson lauds the perceived stability of Trump’s presidency and Liz Truss advocates for a steadfast conservative stance against imagined threats, the heavyweights of conservative thought have arguably made their arguments redundant.

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