Controversial Scottish Hate Crime Bill Gets Off to an Unpopular Start

A controversial new bill has been passed in Scottish parliament to tackle hate crime. The First Minister insists he will tackle “Disinformation” about the bill. Here’s the bill explained.

Implementation of Hate Crime Law

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The Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act officially became law on Monday making it much easier for someone to be prosecuted for a hate crime.

April Fools Day Passing

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Although it commenced on April Fools Day, the Bill ensures that discrimination is not a laughing matter as the Scottish National Party (SNP) make history.

Controversial Aspects

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Despite its noble intentions, the legislation has faced criticism from various quarters, particularly regarding its potential impact on freedom of speech.

Scottish Police Have Doubts

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Important members of the Scottish police have had doubts about the law, arguing that a lack of training will result in a misunderstanding of how to properly police the bill.

Police Secretary Speaks Out

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General Secretary David Kennedy insisted that the lack of training was a “Recipe for disaster” as officers “were only receiving a two-hour online training package.”

A Waste of Time?

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Kennedy also pointed out that police only have a limited amount of time on their hands, arguing that every hate crime would be too much to deal with in the grand scheme of things.

Straining Scottish Police

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Kennedy argued that the already strained Scottish police force wouldn’t have time, “They can barely attend the calls that are in law at the moment never mind a new act coming in place,” he said.

Opposition From Public Figures

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Notable figures such as author JK Rowling have spoken out about the new legislation although insisted it won’t deter her from making remarks online.

J.K. Rowling’s Anti-Trans Views

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The author of the famous Harry Potter book series has a reputation for her anti-trans stance. She regularly gets into arguments and promotes her views online.

Rowling’s Warning on Hate Crime

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Recently, she was warned that under the new legislation, her controversial actions could be considered a prosecutable offence. 

Elon Musk Argues Against Bill

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Elon Musk, founder of Tesla and Space-X, replied to the news of the legislation online by arguing that it does not protect freedom of speech.

Explaining the Bill

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Musk replied to an online post explaining the new bill that read, “Police officers in Scotland are being given training to target social media posts, including re-tweets, of material deemed ‘threatening and abusive’”.

Preserving Freedom of Speech

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In a post to almost 180 million followers, Elon Musk insisted that the bill was “An example of why it’s so important to preserve freedom of speech.”

Response From First Minister

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First Minister Humza Yousaf stressed the importance of reporting genuine instances of hatred as the Association of Scottish Police Superintendents (ASPS) raised concerns.

Taking False Claims Seriously

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Yousaf insisted, “If you’re thinking about making a vexatious complaint, if you’re thinking about making a complaint and there’s no merit in that, then do know that the police will take that serious.”

A Message to Victims

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Yousaf said that he believes the bill is groundbreaking for victims of abuse, “I would say to anybody who thinks they are a victim of hatred, we take that seriously,” he said.

Supporting Victims of Abuse

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“If you felt you are a victim of hatred, then of course reporting that to police is the right thing to do,” argued the Scottish First Minister.

Comedians Not Targeted

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Despite what many are claiming online, the bill will not target comedians who make jokes about sensitive subjects, as politicians try to find a balance.

Tackling “Disinformation” Online

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According to Yousaf, the SNP is doing its best to tackle the “disinformation” spread online about the bill, including the false information about targeting comedians.

Finding the Right Balance

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The SNP insists it has found the right balance between tackling hate crime and protecting freedom of speech, but many are still wary.

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