Tories Decide on a Pre-Election Pact with Nigel Farage

Conservatives have refused to rule out pre-election negotiations with Nigel Farage, amid mounting concerns around the ascendancy of Reform UK and his potential return to UK politics. Here’s the full story. 

Secret Deals

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Politics used to be played mostly in secret, with backroom deals, bribes and influence peddling done out of sight.

The Past Is Another Country

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However, in the current world in which the UK finds itself, what was done in the past seems quaint by comparison.

Out in the Open

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Nowadays, deals, bribes, and influence peddling are done in full view of the country, mostly by the Conservative Party, which, as the election draws nearer, is beginning to appear increasingly desperate to hold on to power. 

Wandering Openly

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The specter of pre-election pacts and strategic maneuvers now wanders openly through Westminster’s corridors, seeking to shape the alliances and rivalries that will define the upcoming election campaign. 

Bonfire of Controversy

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However, this has not gone without notice. Recently, discussions revolving around deals or bribes for Nigel Farage have lit a bonfire of controversy within Conservative circles and beyond. 

War of Words

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The war of words began with speculation from some within the Conservative party that the surest way to reduce, or even possibly mitigate, their widely predicted election wipeout would be to offer Farage a peerage or the role of US ambassador. 

No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

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However, this would not be given to Farage as a gesture of goodwill but rather in a blatant attempt to buy him off to prevent him from standing, either himself or through the rump of his Brexit party, Reform UK.

“We Don’t Do Deals”

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The Conservative Party has seemed to equivocate over any potential dealings with Farage, with some dismissing the speculation around any potential alliance as fantasy. One Conservative party spokesperson put it bluntly when they stated, “We don’t do deals.”

Several Refusals

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However, despite the protestations of some in the party, during a Sky News interview on Thursday, Richard Holden, the Conservative party chair, refused several times to rule out the possibility of a deal with Farage.

“Up to Them”

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Holden was slightly more circumspect in his language, stating, “What Nigel Farage does, and the Reform party, is totally up to them.”

“It’s Irrelevant”

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He added, “All I would say is, it’s irrelevant to what people are talking about on the ground.”

Apprehension Grows

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Within the conservative party ranks, apprehension around Reform UK’s potential impact on their electoral prospects has been growing like a tumor. 

Creeping Up

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Despite Farage’s role as merely honorary president of Reform UK, with the party properly led by Richard Tice, the party has slowly crept up in the polls.

16% vs 21%

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Reform UK has been polling at around 16%, only slightly behind the Tories, who have seen their numbers freefall to 21%. 

Persistent Rumours

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The prospect of Farage taking a more active role in the election campaign and persistent rumours that he may try to stand in the previously UKIP-held seat of Clacton has been keeping Conservative strategists up at night. 

Distance From Dealings

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Labour swiftly condemned any notion of a pre-election pact involving Nigel Farage, calling on the Conservative party to publicly distance themselves from any deals that might be done with Farage. 

“Dangerous and Desperate”

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Jonathan Ashworth, the shadow paymaster general, called on Sunak to “rule out this dangerous and desperate deal that risks threatening international unity against Russian aggression and undermining vital support for Ukraine.”

With Friends Like These

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Farage had previously taken the same stance as his fellow right-wing demagogue Donald Trump on the war, arguing that the West should negotiate with Russia over the heads of the beleaguered Ukraine. 

“Pandering to the Extremists”

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Ashworth stated, “Rishi Sunak’s weakness leaves him pandering to the extremists in his party. Rishi Sunak must put national interest before the Conservative party. No secret negotiations to keep the Farage wolf from the Tory door.”

“Too Weak”

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He continued, “If the prime minister refuses to publicly rule out such a desperate deal, it will be clearer than ever that Rishi Sunak is too weak to act in the national interest.”

Lucrative Media Commitments

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While speculation abounds regarding Nigel Farage’s electoral intentions, he has other commitments beyond the political realm to consider. Farage has lucrative media commitments both domestically and internationally, including prominent roles with GB News, which may influence his decision to return to UK politics. 

No Chance

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Despite the fervour around Farage’s possible return to the political stage, Reform UK’s chances at the election, except for Farage’s suggested campaign in Clacton, appear bleak. 

Syphon Votes

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Thanks to the UK’s first-past-the-post voting system, the party is unlikely to be able to secure a seat in Parliament. However, it could syphon votes away from Conservative candidates in their previous strongholds, allowing other parties to swoop in and steal the seats from under their noses. 

Enigmatic and Elusive

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The tangled mess surrounding the much-hinted-at deals with Farage only underlines the sorry state the Conservative party is in, seemingly unaware of its own intentions regarding the enigmatic and elusive Farage.

Deal with the Devil

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However, whether the panic within Conservative ranks is enough to convince them to make a deal with the proverbial devil remains to be seen.

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