Crackdown on ‘Extremists’ Entering the UK Legally After Security Concerns Warns Home Office

The Home Office has announced it will look to crack down on “extremists” entering the country legally, striking fear in the public as protestors from all walks of life continue to call for a cease-fire in Gaza.

Government’s Measures Against Hate Preachers

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The UK government is set to introduce measures aimed at preventing “extremists” from entering the country, responding to Rishi Sunak’s first speech outside Downing Street since becoming Prime Minister.

Enhanced Visa Warning Lists

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Under the proposed plans, individuals identified as “extremists” will be added to visa warning lists, subsequently being denied entry into the UK. 

Ministers Look to Expand on Security Measures

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Ministers are exploring the expansion of existing powers to block entry for those deemed “non-conducive to the public good,” as protestors from all walks of life take to the streets of London to call for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Targeting Far-Left Groups

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Reports indicate that the Home Office is also exploring measures to address “far-left” groups, as Lord Walney, the Government’s independent adviser on political violence and disruption, showed concerns about peaceful protests happening in London.

Public Concern for Conflict Overseas

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A large amount of the public is concerned about the situation in the Middle East, as shown by the protests and the recent Rochdale by-election results, as more civilian deaths in Gaza are reported every day.

Walney’s Alleged “Unholy Alliance”

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Lord Walney argued that there is an “unholy alliance” between the pro-Palestine protestors and “Islamist extremism” citing concerns about the UK’s national security. The government has come under fire for what some call “Islamophobia” concerns.

Walney Warns of Naivety

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Lord Walney argued that there is a “gap in the Government’s understanding of damage the anti-democratic far left can do” urging a crackdown on the peaceful protests.

Rochdale Victory Concerns PM

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Leader of the Workers Party of Britain, George Galloway, recently won in a landslide by-election in Rochdale, concerning the Prime Minister for his anti-war stance in Gaza.

Rochdale Vote “Beyond Alarming”

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In his speech outside Downing Street, the Prime Minister called Galloway’s victory in Rochdale “beyond alarming,” making accusations that Rochdale’s MP “supports Hezbollah,” which Galloway has dismissed as false.

Galloway’s Response

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Galloway responded to the accusations with, “I don’t know what the glorifying of Hezbollah is all about but maybe he can tell me on Wednesday at Prime Minister’s Questions if he’s got the guts.”

“I Despise The Prime Minister”

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Galloway went on a rant about the Prime Minister in a short interview after his victory, where he insisted “I despite the Prime Minister,” claiming that he does not respect him or the Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer.

Galloway Speaking for “Millions”

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Galloway insisted in the rant that “millions” of people feel the same way in the UK, “Guess what?” he asked, “Millions and millions and millions of people in this country despise the Prime Minister.”

Sunak Warns of “Forces at Home”

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Sunak argued in his speech that there are “There are forces here at home trying to tear us apart,” and a minority want to disrupt Britain’s ability to live peacefully in a multicultural society.

Hate Crimes on the Rise

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Since the attacks by Hamas on Israeli citizens, the number of hate crimes in the UK has sharply risen, with an increase of 651% in just the first two weeks, affecting both Jewish and Muslim communities.

Sunak’s Pledge for Jewish Security

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Rishi Sunak pledged £72 million to Jewish communities in the UK to help protect themselves from the shocking abuse that’s on the rise, as 33 physical attacks on Jewish people were reported in those two weeks.

Sunak Under Fire for Islamophobia

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Critics argue that Sunak isn’t doing enough to stop the Islamophobic abuse that has also risen, with allegations of Islamophobia thrown at members of his party in recent weeks.

Tory MP Suspended

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Former Tory MP Lee Anderson was suspended for his comments on Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, saying that “Islamists” had control of Khan and the capital city itself.

Sunak Denies Islamophobia Within Ranks

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Sunak has denied that his party has an Islamophobia problem and refrained from suggesting that Anderson’s words were “Islamophobic” as Labour MP Anneliese Dodds argued.

MP’s to Crack Down on Visa Immigration

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Members of the government believe that there’s a link between the protestors and “extremists” resulting in the Home Office cracking down on individuals deemed as such from entering the country.

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