“Unacceptable” – Mayor Slams Prime Minister for Not Addressing ‘Anti-Muslim’ Tory MPs in Downing Street Address

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has spoken out against the Prime Minister’s failure to address “Islamophobic” comments within the Tory party during his address to the nation outside Downing Street.

Khan Alleges Antisemitism and Islamophobia in UK Politics

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London Mayor Sadiq Khan asserts that antisemitism and Islamophobia are permeating UK politics after Rishi Sunak’s recent address to the nation and the suspension of former Tory MP Lee Anderson.

Anderson Accuses Khan 

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Former Tory MP Lee Anderson was suspended from his role by the Tory Whip for his comments about London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan, who was accused of allowing London to be taken over “by his mates.”

Anderson Claims “Islamists” Are In Charge Now

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The “mates” that Anderson was referring to were also described as “Islamists” as Anderson argued, “They’ve got control of Khan, and they’ve got control of London” and refused to apologise for saying so.

Labour Hits Out at “Racist” Anderson

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Labour MP Anneliese Dodds claimed that Anderson’s attack on the Muslim Mayor of London was nothing but “unambiguously racist and Islamophobic,” which was echoed by the Mayor himself.

Sunak’s Response to Anderson’s Attack

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Following Anderson’s suspension and his attack on Khan, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak labelled the comments as “unacceptable” and “wrong” but refrained from calling them “Islamophobic” in any way.

Khan’s Critique of Sunak’s Silence

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Mayor Khan accused Prime Minister Sunak of failing to condemn the “racist, anti-Muslim, and anti-Islamophobic” comments made by a “senior Tory MP” in his address shortly after Anderson’s suspension.

Anderson Refuses to Apologize

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Anderson refused to apologize for his words, questioning the legitimacy of the word “Islamophobia,” saying, “If there is such a word as Islamophobia, it’s an irrational fear of Islam. I’m not scared of any religion, so no I’m not Islamophobic.”

Khan’s Criticism of PM Speech

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Khan criticized the Prime Minister for not calling out the Islamophobic comments within his party during his address to the nation outside Downing Street where he promised to crackdown on pro-Palestine protestors.

Sunak Acknowledges Hate Crime Increase

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Although Sunak did acknowledge that hate crimes towards the Jewish community and Muslim communities had increased, he failed to address the allegations of Islamophobia within his party.

Sunak’s “Complete Failure”

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Khan argued the “complete failure of Rishi Sunak even as he stood outside No10 or anyone around him to condemn them for what they are” referring to the “anti-Islam” comments made by Tory MPs.

Khan’s “Political Gain” Accusations

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Khan accused Sunak of using scaremongering tactics for “political gain” and swaying the election vote in his favour by striking fear into the British people, an accusation that has been echoed by others.

Critics Accuse Sunak of Election Tactics

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Luca Salice, co-chair of the Camden Palestine Solidarity Campaign, also accused the Prime Minister of using fear to sway the election in his favour, “Rishi Sunak is losing an election. He is scrambling” he said.

Antisemitism and Islamophobia Infecting Politics

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Khan issued a warning that the “poison of antisemitism and Islamophobia” is infecting British politics, although Sunak denied any allegations of Islamophobia within his party when asked.

Former Home Secretary’s Comments Under Fire

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Former Home Secretary Suella Braverman has also accused “Islamists” and “Extremists” of taking over Britain, adding that “antisemitics” are also “in charge” now, which Rishi Sunak has failed to comment on.

Former PM Under Fire

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Recently, former Prime Minister Lizz Truss came under scrutiny for failing to counter an American political commentator’s remarks in an interview, where he deemed right-wing activist Tommy Robinson a “hero.”

Sunak Cites “Threat” To Democracy

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When asked if his party had a problem with Islamophobia, Rishi Sunak uttered the words “No, of course it doesn’t,” but managed to slam the pro-Palestine protests as a “threat to our democracy.”

Former Tory MPs Back Khan

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Many former Tory MPs have slammed the Prime Minister’s response to Anderson’s comments as Khan gains support for his stance against Islamophobia and alleged election tactics by Sunak.

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