Domino Effect: Latest Tory MP Steps Down As Another By-Election Is Triggered

Months after the Conservatives suspended him for an “extremely serious” lobbying scandal, a former Tory MP has stepped down, triggering yet another by-election.

Blow For Sunak

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak could well have been dealt with another huge blow after a by-election has been triggered in one of his constituencies.

By-Election Defeats

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After losing two by-elections by landslide defeats in both Wellingborough and Kingswood, Sunak could be on the verge of another disaster.

Scott Benton’s Resignation

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Former Conservative MP Scott Benton has announced his resignation, triggering another by-election in the Blackpool South constituency.

Suspension From Tory Whip

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Benton was suspended by the Tory Party back in 2023 when he was involved in a lobbying scandal, although has refused to call a by-election ever since.

Benton’s Appeal Attempt

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Benton officially lost his appeal against his suspension after breaching rules related to gambling, causing him to serve as an independent.

Benton’s Lobbying Scandal

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Benton’s scandal involved his willingness to leak confidential policy papers and pose parliamentary questions in exchange for favors.

Benton Denies Allegations

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Benton announced his resignation after heavy pressure from the public in Blackpool South although he denies the allegations against him.

Benton’s Announcement

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Benton announced, “It’s with a heavy heart that I have written to the chancellor this morning to tender my resignation as your MP.”

Residents Allegedly Send Well-Wishes

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Benton claimed that “hundreds of residents” from the constituency had sent him well wishes in the form of cards and flowers and thanked them for their generosity.

Thanking His Supporters

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“I’d like to thank the hundreds of residents who have sent supportive messages, cards and letters over the last few months” Benton revealed.

Supporters Urge Benton to Fight

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According to Benton, those supporters “urged” him “to continue and fight the next election” although now that won’t be possible.

Benton’s Opinion on Labour Government

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Benton spoke about what a potential Labour government would do to the country, insisting, “A Labour government would be catastrophic for our country.”

Labour’s Landslide Prediction

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Labour has been predicted in the polls to inflict a landslide defeat on the Tories in the general election planned for this year.

Benton’s Reason For Resignation

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Benton said his reason for stepping down was so the new Tory candidate would have a reasonable amount of time to prepare and prevent a Labour takeover in the by-election.

A Chance of Victory

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“I’m mindful of giving a new candidate the time and space to campaign to prevent that (a Labour victory) from happening,” Benton claimed in his resignation letter.

Labour’s Overwhelming Majority

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Labour won two previous by-elections in Wellingborough and Kingswood with an overwhelming majority, the likes of which hadn’t been seen since World War Two.

Benton’s “Extremely Serious” Breach

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Benton was suspended for 35 days after it was revealed he was willing to give away disclosed information to a gambling firm, a matter that a watchdog called “extremely serious.”

Benton “Deeply Disappointed”

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Benton insisted at the time that he was “prone to regular leaks at every stage”, and he was “deeply disappointed” with the investigation’s result.

Sunak’s By-Election Woes

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Since Sunak came into office back in October 2022, the Prime Minister has seen 11 by-elections, making this his 12th and one of the most crucial.

Losing Election After Election

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Of the 11 by-elections that Sunak has faced so far as Prime Minister, the Conservatives have only managed to regain a seat at one of them, showing the public’s discontent with the government.

General Election Calls

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Both MPs and members of the public are calling for a general election, although Sunak has insisted he will wait until Autumn before anything is announced.

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