Tory Walkouts Continue as Labour Lick Their Lips Ahead of Election

More Tory MPs have stepped down from their positions as the Prime Minister’s concerns of a Labour landslide grow.

Mass Tory Exodus

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The Conservative Party is rapidly losing confidence from members of its own Party, currently experiencing what’s been described as a “mass Tory exodus.”

Sunak Claims Unity

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has insisted that his party are united despite many MPs walking out, resigning, or being suspended ahead of the general election.

Resignations of Two Tory Ministers

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In the latest news regarding the walkout, Skills Minister Robert Halfon and Armed Forces Minister James Heappey have announced their resignations from their roles.

Robert Halfon’s Departure

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Robert Halfon, the MP for Harlow and a former chairman of the Commons Education Committee wrote a letter to the Prime Minister announcing his decision to step down.

Stepping Down as MP and Minister

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Halfon will step down from his position as both Member of Parliament for Harlow and Skills Minister, joining over 60 Tory MPs who have resigned since Sunak’s tenure.

Time for Halfon to “Step Down”

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Halfon said in the letter to the Prime Minister, “I feel that it is time for me to step down at the forthcoming General Election, and in doing so, to resign as a Minister in your Government.”

Prime Minister’s Response

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The Prime Minister responded with a letter that told Heappey he made an important contribution to the Government and your support to consecutive Conservative administrations at the Ministry of Defence has been commendable.”

James Heappey’s Resignation

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James Heappey, MP for Wells, confirmed his resignation as Armed Forces Minister and MP after allegedly disagreeing with the lack of defence spending in the Spring Budget.

Tory Landslide Expected

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The mass walkout comes in the middle of an election year with the Tories expected to experience their largest landslide defeat to the Labour Party since 1997.

Tory MPs Cite Reasons for Stepping Down

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Despite the Conservative Party’s imminent defeat, MPs have insisted that they are stepping down for reasons other than a lack of confidence in the Prime Minister.

Tory Woes Continue

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Other MPs such as former Prime Minister Theresa May, Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick and former Home Secretary Sajid Javid have also resigned.

May Displays Confidence in Sunak

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May stepped down from her role as MP after 27 years in parliament although she insisted she had confidence that the Tories could win the election.

Heappey Cites Family Reasons

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Heappey insisted that his reasons for stepping down from his role as MP which he held for 9 years due to family reasons and a career change.

Jenrick Steps Down

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Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick stepped down after disagreeing with Sunak’s proposed controversial Rwanda policy and claiming it didn’t go far enough.

Blackpool South Lobbying Scandal

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Disgraced Tory MP Scott Benton, former MP for Blackpool South, announced his resignation after a lobbying scandal that put him under pressure.

“Extremely Serious” Scandal

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Investigators described that scandal as “extremely serious” after Benton was found guilty of offering classified information to a gambling firm for personal gain.

By-Election Triggered

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Benton’s resignation triggered another by-election for Sunak after the Tories recently lost seats in Wellingborough and Kingswood by-elections.

Tory By-Election Woes

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The Blackpool South by-election is set to be the 12th by-election triggered under Sunak’s reign as Prime Minister, with the Tories only winning one of those 12 so far.

Sunak’s Ousting Rumours

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Other rumours suggested that several Tory MPs were looking at replacements for Sunak before the general election, expected to be announced in Autumn.

Tories Jumping Before Pushed

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With the news that Halfon and Heappey will now be stepping down, it seems that MPs are looking to jump from the Tory misery before they are pushed come the general election.

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