UK’s 15 Worst Internet Black Holes Revealed

In the age of remote work, your dream of countryside living or relocating to a quaint English town might come with a significant catch: dodgy internet service. Here’s a heads-up on where buffering becomes a lifestyle.

1. Rural Cumbria

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Picturesque landscapes, yes, but some areas in rural Cumbria struggle with painfully slow broadband, making video calls more of a freeze-frame experience.

2. Dartmoor, Devon

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Surrounded by natural beauty, Dartmoor is also encircled by internet connectivity issues. Working remotely here means planning around patchy service.

3. Norfolk Broads

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Boating paradise, yes; broadband haven, no. The Norfolk Broads area faces challenges with reliable internet, crucial for those considering a serene office view.

4. Cornwall

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Despite its appeal as a surfer’s paradise, parts of Cornwall are in a digital drought, with some of the slowest internet speeds in England.

5. North Yorkshire Moors

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Remote work in the moors might mean more offline tasks. Internet service in this rural expanse can be as elusive as the heather in bloom.

6. Lake District

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A hotspot for tourists and hikers, but not for high-speed internet. Some areas in the Lake District still lag behind in digital connectivity.

7. Peak District

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Beautiful views, yes; streaming 4K videos, not so much. The Peak District’s internet speeds can turn a Netflix night into a buffering bonanza.

8. Scottish Borders

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While technically not England, it’s a popular consideration for movers. Be warned, the picturesque Borders have connectivity that’s as rugged as the terrain.

9. Isle of Wight

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Sea views come at the cost of signal views. The island struggles with internet speed, impacting those dreaming of a seaside remote office.

10. Exmoor, Somerset

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Exmoor’s stunning landscapes are a sight to behold unless you’re trying to load a webpage. Internet here can be as sparse as the moorland.

11. Shropshire Hills

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An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty with outstandingly slow internet speeds in places, making remote work challenging.

12. Lincolnshire Wolds

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Gorgeous, rolling countryside with connectivity that often rolls to a stop. Rural Lincolnshire has pockets of poor internet service.

13. Northumberland National Park

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Offering tranquility and starry skies, but a connection that won’t keep up with your streaming ambitions. Remote work here requires patience.

14. West Wales

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Another nudge outside England, but a common retreat. West Wales boasts incredible landscapes and coastal towns with less-than-incredible broadband.

15. Somerset Levels

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While you’re unlikely to be underwater in this wetland area, your internet speed might well be submerged, affecting work and leisure alike.

Think Twice

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Dreaming of a remote work setup with a view? Make sure to check the internet speeds before you pack up. Your productivity might thank you. Beyond the allure of the countryside or coastal life, ensuring you’re not marooned in a broadband desert is key for seamless remote working.

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