Let’s Be Honest – Farage Couldn’t REALLY Be Prime Minister

Could Nigel Farage’s bold ambitions and controversial policies propel him to the position of Prime Minister by 2029? Here’s the full story.

Prime Ministerial Ambitions

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Nigel Farage, the leader of Reform UK, the scourge of the Conservatives during the recent general election campaign, and arguably the architect of Brexit, has set his sights on becoming Prime Minister after the 2029 general election.

Insane Proposal Admitted

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Though Farage admitted this seemingly insane proposal, announced at the launch of Reform UK’s manifesto, or “contract with the people,” would not be likely before 2029, he remained adamant that the 2024 election was just the beginning.

First Big Push

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Farage stated, “We are not pretending that we are going to win this general election, we are a very, very new political party. This is step one. Our real ambition is the 2029 general election, but this is our first big push.”

Farage’s Likelihood Questioned

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So, how likely is it that Farage, a man that a BBC journalist once described as “the most influential UK politician of the 21st century,” yet who is also one of the most controversial figures in modern British politics, could ever receive the keys to Number 10?

Farage’s Gift of Gab

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Firstly, we must recognise that Farage has a gift that few politicians possess, what journalists describe as being able to “speak human.” Farage sounds like the guy you’ll occasionally meet in a pub. He can connect with ordinary people in a way few politicians can and can put forward ideas that, in the hands of any other political actor, would appear outlandish or controversial.

Radical Policies Presented

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Reform UK’s manifesto includes a range of radical policies designed to attract disgruntled voters, with key pledges focused on immigration, the economy, and social issues. The party promises to freeze “all non-essential immigration”, scrap net zero targets, and withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).

Manifesto Criticised

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Despite the manifesto facing significant criticism from economists and experts, with the Institute of Fiscal Studies describing Reform’s economic plans as “unrealistic,” the simple answers to complicated questions that Farage offers have proven incredibly tempting to voters from all parties, but mostly the Conservatives, who are growing tired of politicians promising much and achieving next to nothing.

Media Strategy Success

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Despite his polarising persona, Farage’s ability to communicate directly and effectively with the public has maintained his relevance. This media strategy has kept him in the spotlight, ensuring his views and policies receive widespread attention.

Parliamentary Struggles

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However, historically, Farage has struggled to win a seat in Parliament, and his parties have only achieved limited success in general elections. His party’s success in future elections will depend on securing more constituencies and establishing a more substantial presence in Parliament.

Key Factors for Success

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For Farage to become Prime Minister by 2029, several key factors must align. Firstly, Reform UK needs to increase its parliamentary representation significantly. This involves winning over disillusioned voters and those seeking an alternative to the mainstream parties.

Possible Alliances

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Secondly, Farage may need to form alliances with other right-leaning parties or factions within the Conservative Party. Following the collapse of the Conservative Party, it is not difficult to imagine a world where Farage’s leadership is seen as a viable option for a united right-wing coalition.

European Parallels

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Despite this seemingly far-fetched scenario, we do not need to look far to see an example of how this might play out. Imagine a country with a party in power for a long time, which has overseen a challenging economic and political climate. Few people feel their lives are improving, and people’s faith in politics has been pushed to breaking point.

Political Malaise Comparison

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With the political malaise caused by the apparent stagnation of the country’s political class, with public services crumbling and division growing, a centrist politician appears who assures voters that, with his sensible middle-of-the-road policies, he can sort out the country without veering too far to the left or right. However, this politician fails, which drives up support for an insurgent right-wing party.

Nationalistic Parties Rise

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This is the current political reality in several European countries, with Le Pen as the leader of the National Rally in France alongside Tino Chrupalla and Alice Weidel as co-leaders of the AfD in Germany, both nationalistic, anti-immigration parties that have surged in popularity due to the ineffectiveness of political centrists governing their respective countries.

Italian Example

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Even more worrying is the case of the Italian party Brothers of Italy, a far-right party formed by fascists following WWII whose leader, Giorgia Meloni, is now the Prime Minister of the country.

Imagining 2029 UK

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Now imagine, following five years of Labour leader Keir Starmer’s middle-of-the-road centrism, the UK of 2029 finds itself in a similar situation, and it’s not impossible to imagine that Farage, as the insurgent leader of a newly formed far-right coalition, could feasibly be elected as Prime Minister.

Obstacles to Victory

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However, several things stand in Farage’s way before his victory is assured. Farage’s party is a valuable protest vote for many Conservatives to voice their displeasure with their leadership. However, many Reform UK candidates and canvassers have been caught saying profoundly offensive racist, homophobic, misogynistic or Islamophobic things, and Farage himself has long been accused of cozying up to Putin. For some more centrist Conservatives, this may be a bridge too far.

Immigration Hard Line

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Similarly, Farage’s hard line on immigration, while appealing to right wing voters who see immigration as a bad thing, would be disastrous for the economy, potentially illegal under international law, and would no doubt lead to significant protests.

Far-Fetched Yet Possible

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Despite these challenges, while Nigel Farage’s ambition to become Prime Minister by 2029 may seem far-fetched to some, his track record of influencing British politics and the political realities of other European countries suggests it is not entirely out of the realm of possibility.

Future Uncertain

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However, whether Farage can harness voters’ distrust, animosity, and apathy to achieve his goal of being Prime Minister by 2029 remains to be seen.

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