Nigel Farage Has Something Thrown at Him Again

During a campaign in Barnsley, Nigel Farage faced hostility as objects were thrown at him from a construction site, leading to the arrest of a suspect amidst heightened tensions between protesters and supporters. Here’s the full story.

Deja VU on Campaign Trail

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Nigel Farage, the newly appointed leader of Reform UK, was out on the campaign trail in Barnsley, South Yorkshire when he must have felt a strange sense of deja vu.

Targeted Again

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While standing on the top deck of his party’s campaign bus, Farage became, once again, the target of missiles thrown by a member of the public who took offence to Farage’s presence.

Objects Thrown at Bus

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The incident saw several objects narrowly missing him and hitting the side of the bus instead.

Social Media Evidence

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A video posted on social media by Farage showed a man in a red jacket hurling objects from the construction area before being stopped by workers.

Suspect Arrested

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Following the incident, South Yorkshire Police arrested a 28-year-old man on suspicion of public order offences.

Police Statement

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The police stated, “It is believed that the man threw objects from a nearby construction area. A suspect was quickly detained and remains in police custody.”

Police Prevent Escalation

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The swift action by the police ensured that the situation did not escalate further, with the man being promptly escorted away from the scene.

Previous Attack

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This was not the first time Farage had been a victim of thrown projectiles by unhappy members of the public.

Milkshake Incident

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A week prior, he had a banana milkshake thrown at him while campaigning in Clacton-on-Sea, Essex.

“Doesn’t Stand for Me”

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The perpetrator, Victoria Thomas Bowen, said she milkshaked Farage as he “doesn’t stand for me.”

Charged With Assault

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She was arrested at the scene and was later charged with assault and criminal damage.

2019 Milkshake Attack

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This followed a similar incident in 2019 when a banana and salted caramel milkshake was thrown at Farage in Newcastle while campaigning for the Brexit party during the EU elections.

Milkshake Response

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Farage later tried to make light of the situation, posing for photographs holding a tray of McDonald’s banana milkshakes later that day.

“Violent Left-Wing Mob”

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However, Farage’s tone changed later. He wrote on X, formerly Twitter, “I will not be bullied or cowed by a violent left-wing mob who hate our country.”

Determined to Campaign

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He added, “These people want to stop my election campaign. That’s never going to happen.”

Hostility and Support

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In Barnsley, Farage was met with a mix of hostility and support as a crowd of Stand Up to Racism protesters interrupted his speech, chanting against his presence.

Supporters Rally Around

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Reform UK supporters rallied around the campaign bus in response, countering the protests.

Advised to Stay on Bus

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The police had advised Farage not to leave the safety of the bus, though that was not enough protection from the projectile, which was later reported to be a coffee cup.

Continues Campaign

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Despite the incident, Farage continued his campaign trail in South Yorkshire. Earlier in the day, he had visited Hoyland, where he received a more positive reception.

Interaction With Locals

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He interacted with residents, including a stop at a beautician’s shop, where he posed for photos and made light-hearted comments about his campaign experiences.

Media Focus on Incident

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The media coverage of the incident in Barnsley has focused on both the disruption caused by the protesters and Farage’s response to the hostility.

Divided Public Opinion

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Public opinion remains divided, with some condemning the protesters’ actions and others questioning Farage’s political stances and campaign tactics.

Protest Target

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However, the recurring theme of Farage being a target for protests highlights the contentious nature of his political opinion. It ties into a long history of right-wing campaigners being shut down when campaigning.

Controversial Comments

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Farage’s controversy has grown considering the recent comments of a Reform UK candidate for Bexhill and Battle, Ian Gribbin, had made incendiary comments online in which he suggested that the UK would have been better off accepting Adolf Hitler’s offer of neutrality in World War II rather than opposing the Nazis as the fascists dominated Europe.

Historical Irony

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Ironically, the moment celebrated by left-wing activists in the UK as “the moment at which British fascism was decisively defeated,” is the Battle of Cable Street, when a charismatic right-wing ideologue, Oswald Mosley, was chased out of London by the combined action of the community.

History Rhymes

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It seems that history doesn’t repeat, but it does often rhyme.

Political Campaign Tensions

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Despite the similarities with history, both recent and far in the past, the incident in Barnsley underscores the increasing tension and volatility surrounding political campaigning in the UK.

Uncertain Impact

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It remains to be seen if such incidents will hinder or encourage Farage and his ilk from taking to the streets to campaign.

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