For the First Time EVER the Electorate Has Real Choice – And It’s Hurting Big Parties

Historically, there have been two big parties in the UK, with the occasional spirited showing from the Lib Dems. Times have changed, and the big parties are feeling it. 

Left or Right

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You’d vote Labour or Lib Dem if you had left-leaning political views. If you were to the right, you’d vote Tory.

Centrists Voted Both Ways

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If your views were in the centre, you’d likely vote for the party whose policies spoke to you most. Sometimes, that would be Labour; other times, the Tories.

Left Vote Split

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On occasion, the Liberals have managed to win enough votes from the Labour Party that they’ve prevented them from getting into power.

Tories Had No Real Rivals

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On the right, the Tory party has enjoyed more time in power because their vote wasn’t split. There was no credible challenge on the right. 

Times Changed in 2010

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In 2010, the political landscape began to change. The question of Europe was in the political foreground, leading to the rise of UKIP.

2016 Accelerated Change

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After the Brexit vote, the division in the country was more comprehensive than ever. Each side wanted their voice to be heard, and it caused parties to rise. 

Tories Architects of Their Own Downfall

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After the Brexit vote, the divisions in the Tory party became bigger. Nobody knew how to deliver Brexit, and the in-fighting became an ongoing issue. 

The Right Split Off

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Tories on the right were unhappy with how Brexit was being handled. They wanted a harder version, and some defected. 

UKIP Out, Reform UK In

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Having succeeded in getting the UK out of the EU, Nigel Farage withdrew from UKIP. He continued to make a living as a mouthpiece for the right.

Tories Fall Apart

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As the Tories lurched from one disaster to another, Farage spotted the opportunity for another party to represent the views of the right and Reform UK was born. 

Fight for the Right

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Reform UK is taking on the Tories, and for the first time in decades, there’s a legitimate choice for right-wing voters to make. 

Resurgent Lib Dems on the Left

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Having floundered after their dreadful time in office as part of the coalition government, the Lib Dems have found their feet again. They’re targeting the moderate Tories, and it seems to be working.

Greens Growing

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More awareness around climate and a general increase in motivation to care for the planet has also seen the Green vote rise. They’re adding to the competition in the centre and left.

Political Spectrum Has Representation

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Ironically, despite having left Europe, our political landscape looks much more European, with choices across the political spectrum. 

How It Hurts the Big Parties

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The lack of representation people feel from their parties has led them to support others, and the split in vote intention shows the impact.

Labour and Tories Less than 60%

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If the current polls prove accurate come voting day, Labour and the Tories will win 57% of the votes between them.

Labour Polling at 37%

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Labour is widely expected to win and will do so, potentially winning only 37% of the vote.

Minority Parties Over 40%

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The polls suggest that Lib Dems, Reform UK, Greens, SNP, and Plaid Cymru will collectively win 42% of the vote – almost HALF of the popular vote. 

Very Different to 2019

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In the last General Election (2019), the Tories won 43.6% of the votes, and Labour won 32.1%. That’s 75.7% – a much greater number than expected this time.

Lessons Need to Be Learned

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The big parties will either have to adapt or accept a new reality. Either way, politics is changing.

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