Uphill Battle – Sunak Still “Fighting Hard” for Tory Win Despite Quit Concerns

Despite some arguing that the Prime Minister is contradicting himself, Rishi Sunak claims he’s still “fighting hard” for a Conservative victory on July 4.

Prime Minister Doubles Down

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has doubled down on his belief that the Conservatives can win the election despite confusion.

Sunak’s Contradiction

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Sunak came under pressure after he seemed to contradict himself while issuing a warning to voters ahead of the general election.

Labour’s Potential “Supermajority”

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Sunak previously claimed that he believed the Conservatives could still win the election, but also warned the public not to give Labour a “supermajority.”

Questioning Prime Minister’s Contradiction

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When asked by a reporter whether the Prime Minister believed he was contradicting himself, Sunak explained his reasoning.

Sunak’s Response

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The Prime Minister responded by claiming, “No, I think it’s the same.” He then went on to explain why he can say both.

“Fighting” for Votes

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Sunak claimed he is “fighting hard for for every vote.” The Prime Minister then spoke of his desire to win.

Sunak Trying “Hardest” to Win

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“I am out there fighting my hardest to talk to as many people as possible to win this election,” Sunak said before doubling-down on his warning about Labour’s plans post-election.

Public “Unwittingly” Handing Labour an Opportunity

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Sunak claimed that the public could be “unwittingly” handing Labour a huge majority by voting for parties other than the Conservatives in the general election.

“Sleepwalking” Into a Labour Majority

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Sunak insisted, “I don’t want them to sleepwalk into inadvertently doing something that hands Labour an unchecked majority to do what they want in the country.”

Sunak’s Bold Assertion

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Sunak claimed that the Labour Party intend to use the majority to rewrite the democratic process in the UK, making it harder for them to be voted out.

Four Days to “Save” Britain

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Sunak claimed, “We have four days to save Britain from a Labour government,” before highlighting his major concerns.

Labour to Become “Entrenched in Power”

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Sunak said during an event that Labour would be “entrenched in power” if the Party held a supermajority.

Labour to “Rewrite the Rules” According to PM

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According to the Prime Minister, Labour would “rewrite the rules to make it easier for them to stay in office and harder for anyone to replace them.”

A Lack of Evidence

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Rishi Sunak has failed to give any evidence that Labour would bend democracy to make it harder to replace them, although Labour does have one trick up its sleeve.

Lowering the Voting Age

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Labour has clarified that it intends to lower the voting age to 16. Since the Party historically attracts younger voters, this could be a problem for the Tories.

Sunak Under Fire

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Sunak has come under fire multiple times throughout the election campaign while his Party falls behind in the polls.

Tory Scandals and D-Day Gaffe

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Sunak has been criticised for not acting fast enough during a Tory betting scandal along with his decision to leave a D-Day event early.

Falling Behind Reform UK

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According to a YouGov poll, the Party even slipped behind Reform UK, their right-wing rival. Sunak has regained the lead over Reform thanks to some slip-ups from Nigel Farage.

Labour Remains in Lead

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Sir Keir Starmer remains the favourite to become Prime Minister on July 4, with Labour sitting 20 points ahead of the Tories.

Suspicions About Sunak’s Beliefs

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To many, the Prime Minister’s warning to not give Labour too large of a majority in the election could still be a sign that he does not believe the Tories will win the election.

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