Desperate Clown: Is There ANYTHING Ed Davey Won’t Do For Your Vote?

Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey has captivated public attention with a series of eccentric stunts, blending humour and serious messaging to highlight his party’s policies. Here’s the full story.

Unenviable Job

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Ed Davey, the leader of the Liberal Democrats, has had an unenviable job during the run-up to the general election, now only days away. Since the LibDems joined up with the Conservatives following the 2010 election, the party has been wallowing in insignificance as voters punished them for going back on pledges, like the infamous abolishing of tuition fees.

Master of Stunts

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However, during this campaign, Davey has solidified himself as the undisputed master of political stunts. Davey has embarked on a series of eccentric and eye-catching antics designed to capture the public’s attention, and should the polls turn out to be correct, it might be working.

Eye-Catching Antics

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From riding on rollercoasters to taking part in Zumba classes, Davey has attempted to use a series of photo opportunities to grab headlines while also conveying his party’s serious political messages and winning support, particularly in areas that used to be safe Conservative seats.

Rollercoaster Ride

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His recent visit to Thorpe Park, where he jumped on a rollercoaster, apparently to symbolise the Liberal Democrats’ journey towards gaining seats, exemplifies a commitment to the joke that would make comedians jealous.

Media Spotlight

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Davey’s antics have kept his party in the media spotlight and ensured that the dominant Conservative and Labour parties do not overshadow the Liberal Democrats.

Serious Messages

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While Davey’s stunts may appear frivolous, they often carry significant political messages. Davey used a “fall” from a paddleboard in Lake Windermere to draw attention to the sewage crisis affecting the UK’s rivers and lakes.

Policy Attention

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Speaking to the Guardian, Davey outlined the plan behind his increasingly wild media stunts, stating, “When we’ve done it from a lectern in a suit at a press conference, people don’t want to talk about our policies. When I fall off a paddleboard or go down a waterslide, people talk about our policies.”

“Once-In-A-Century Election”

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He added, “I think this is a once-in-a-century election. I mean, 1997 was a once-in-a-generation. This is a once-in-a-century.”

Tactical Voting

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Davey’s description of the ongoing general election hinges on his argument that tactical voting and widespread dissatisfaction with the major parties could significantly alter the makeup of the UK Parliament.

Bungee Jump Call

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Of course, being Ed Davey, he could not simply make the point to the public through a well-crafted speech. Instead, Davey yelled, “Vote Liberal Democrat!” as he bungee jumped from a crane at Eastbourne’s football club.

Focus on Issues

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However, Davey once again made sure he used the opportunity to talk about some serious issues affecting the country. He stated, “After I did the bungee jump, one of the guys who works at the football club stopped me, saying that he looks after his dad and what we’re saying about care and carers is so important.”

Expanding Campaign

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The Liberal Democrats have strategically focused their campaign on a growing number of constituencies. Initially targeting about 50 seats, following the Conservative Party’s unexpected meltdown, the party has since expanded its efforts to include areas previously considered unwinnable, such as Stratford-on-Avon and South Cotswolds.

Tactical Voting Emphasis

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Davey has highlighted the importance of tactical voting in these regions, stating, “People are realising that this is a quite extraordinary election. They need to vote tactically to get out the Conservatives. In many cases, that’s us.”

Change the Geography

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He added, “People should recognise that this is an election where you can literally change the political geography of our country, and for a long time. Be brave, do something different.”

Criticism and Defense

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Though Davey’s unconventional campaign methods have undoubtedly raised a few smiles and drawn attention to the Liberal Democrats, there has also been some criticism. On the night of the BBC’s televised election debate, an audience member accused Davey of lacking the seriousness required of a political leader following such media antics.

Defeating Conservatives

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However, Davey deftly argued that such stunts were made to draw attention to serious matters affecting everyday people, such as the ongoing sewage crisis. He said he would do as many photo opportunities and stunts as necessary to “defeat as many Conservative MPs as possible.”

High-Energy Campaign

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With just days remaining before the election, Davey and his team maintain momentum with high-energy stunts and public appearances.

Various Stunts

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The campaign has seen Davey drenched on water slides, cycling over rough terrain, and even serving tennis games—all designed to keep the Liberal Democrats at the forefront of voters’ minds.


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As the campaign enters its final phase, Davey remains optimistic about the Liberal Democrats’ prospects and is confident in the positive impact of his strategy.

Better Than Expected

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Davey stated, “What I can say is our campaign is better than we had expected,” adding, “The Tories have helped us because they have been so awful.”

Talking About Lib Dems

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Whether his stunts will translate into electoral success remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: Ed Davey has more people talking about the Liberal Democrats than have been in a long time.

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