Cameron’s ‘Provocative’ Visit to Falklands Sparks Anger

Argentina has lashed out at the UK, denouncing Lord Cameron’s visit to the Falkland Islands as a “provocative” move.

Argentina’s Outcry

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A spokesperson opposed Lord David Cameron’s visit to the Falkland Islands, accusing the UK of initiating a “provocative” move against Argentina.

Former PM’s Tour

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The former Prime Minister’s visit is part of a tour covering Paraguay, Brazil, and New York, where diplomatic engagements will take place, including paying respects in the Falklands.

New President Announces Stance

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Javier Milei was elected as Argentina’s new right-wing President in December 2023 before, almost immediately, announcing his hard stance on the Falkland Islands.

Argentina’s “Non-Negotiable” Stance

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According to Milei, Argentina “has non-negotiable sovereignty over the Falklands” despite the British countering an attempted Argentine takeover of the land in the 80’s.

Cameron Pays Respect

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Lord Cameron used the opportunity to pay homage to the 255 British personnel who served in the Falklands War, which was fought under Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative government.

Melei Hails Thatcher as a Leader

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Despite his stance on the Falklands ownership, President Milei received heavy criticism from Argentinians for hailing Thatcher as one of “the great leaders in the history of humanity”. 

A Reminder of Loss

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The Falklands War resulted in the tragic loss of 255 British servicemen, three islanders, and a staggering 649 Argentine personnel during the 74-day conflict.

Argentinian Governor’s Fury

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Governor Gustavo Melella called out Cameron’s presence on the Malvinas Islands, labelling it a British provocation aimed at undermining Argentina’s sovereignty claims

Governor Won’t Stand For It

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“We will not stand for it,” said Melella, arguing that the UK “seeks to diminish our legitimate sovereignty claims over our territories and maintain colonialism in the 21st century.”

Historical Context

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The sovereignty dispute over the Falklands dates back centuries, with Argentina basing its claim on its post-independence in 1816.

Britain’s Argument for Control

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On the other hand, Britain argued that it was the first recorded country to have stepped foot on the land in the year 1690, which Argentina does not recognize.

Lord Cameron’s Stance

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Lord Cameron, during his visit, asserted that the Falkland Islands are an integral part of the British family and that the UK will do everything to protect its sovereignty.

Falklands “Absolutely Welcome” in UK Family

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“As long as the Falkland Islands want to be part of the UK family, they are absolutely welcome to be that, to be part of that family,” Cameron argued in an interview during his trip.

Falklands Referendum

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The Falkland Islands underwent a referendum in 2013, where residents were asked whether they would like to be Argentine-owned, or remain owned by the British.

Falkland Residents Speak

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The results were highly in favour of being British-owned, with 99% of the residents voting to remain under the sovereignty of the UK rather than Argentina.

Cameron Pledges to Defend Falklands

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Cameron insisted that the UK would “support”, “back” and “defend” residents of the Falklands for “as long as they want.”

Argentina Foreign Minister Thanks Cameron

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The Argentine foreign minister, Diana Mondino, expressed gratitude towards Cameron for “including Argentina” in his visit, insisting he’s welcome in Buenos Aires any time.

Cameron Calls for Good Relations

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“Of course, we want to have good relations with Buenos Aires, with the Argentine government,” Cameron insisted, before praising the current government.

Cameron’s Praise for Milei’s Government

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“The new government, I think, have taken some positive steps and we’ll have good relations with them. But it will never be at the expense of the wishes of the Falkland Islanders,” Cameron said about President Milei.

The People’s Choice

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Despite Argentina’s accusations of provocation from Lord Cameron’s visit, the people of the islands are the ones who should decide their ownership.

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