MI6 Dossier Claims Putin ‘Supported and Directed’ Trump

Transatlantic tensions rise as Trump sues ex-MI6 officer over explosive allegations. 

Trump Initiates Charges Abroad

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Former US President Donald Trump finds himself in the midst of a far-reaching legal battle with transatlantic ramifications. 

Trump vs. Steele

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High court records in England have unveiled Trump’s lawsuit against former MI6 officer Christopher Steele and the intelligence consultancy he founded, Orbis Business Intelligence, plunging the former president into another international legal quagmire.

Russian Intelligence & Data Protection

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This lawsuit revolves around a data protection claim initiated by Trump against Steele, the former head of MI6’s Russia desk. 

Trump Plans to Ghost His Own Trial

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A two-day hearing for this legal action is scheduled to commence on October 16th, according to reports by the PA news agency.

However, Trump is not expected to personally appear at the proceedings.

Steele Dossier – Exposed

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At the heart of this legal entanglement lies the infamous Steele dossier, a document authored by Christopher Steele himself. 

Dossier Contents Explained

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This dossier contains explosive allegations, most notably the claim that Trump had been “compromised” by the Russian Security Service (FSB). 

Putin Planted Trump?

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Additionally, it alleged that Russian President Vladimir Putin had “supported and directed” a clandestine effort to “cultivate” Trump as a presidential candidate over a span of at least five years. 

Trump’s Denial

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Trump vehemently denied these charges. 

Not Steele’s First Legal Rodeo

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Intriguingly, Steele and Orbis Business Intelligence had previously faced legal action over the publication of the dossier. 

Libel Suit From Russian National

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Russian national Aleksej Gubarev had filed a libel suit against them, contending that they bore legal responsibility for BuzzFeed’s decision to publish the dossier. 

Claim Dismissed

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But in October 2020, Mr. Justice Warby dismissed the claim, marking a significant legal victory for Steele and his firm.

Trump’s Legal Team Stays Busy

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Meanwhile, Trump is grappling with a series of legal challenges within the United States.

He stands indicted on four separate charges, including a federal investigation into alleged endeavors to overturn the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, which he lost to Joe Biden.

Fraud Charges Continue

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This week, he was also charged with fraud due to his exaggerated real-estate values. 

Witch-Hunt or Due Process?

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Trump steadfastly maintains his innocence in all cases, and has been consistently quoted calling these charges a politically motivated witch-hunt, run by the Democrats who are attempting to hide their own discretions at his cost. 

Judge Refuses to Quit While Facing Threats

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In a recent development in his federal election meddling case, spearheaded by special counsel Jack Smith, Judge Tanya Chutkan declined to step aside.

Trump had urged her to step aside, citing concerns of perceived bias. 

Chutkan Remains Strong

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However, Judge Chutkan firmly held that Trump’s legal team had failed to substantiate their claims. 

Hush-Money Case – Judge Refuses to Step Aside Too

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Similarly, last month, the presiding judge in Trump’s hush-money case, Juan Manuel Merchan, opted not to recuse himself, asserting that he was fully capable of acting with fairness and impartiality.

No End in Sight

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The ongoing legal confrontation between Trump and Steele serves as yet another chapter in the enduring global fascination with the former US president’s complex legal entanglements.

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