Hotspot: The UK’s Sunniest Location Is a Must-Visit This Summer

Buckle up for a luminous journey across the UK’s brightest corners, where sunglasses are more a necessity than an accessory. If you’re plotting an escape from the perpetual drizzle or just curious about where in the UK you can bask under the most blue skies, you’re in for a treat. This countdown shines a light on those rare, radiant locales across Britain, where the sun dares to defy the grey and gleam a little brighter.

15. Norfolk

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Radek Sturgolewski

Starting our sunny sojourn in Norfolk, where the broads and beaches alike bask in unexpected bouts of brilliance. It’s a place where the sun peeks through just enough to remind you what blue sky looks like.

14. Suffolk

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Archer Photo

Neighbouring Suffolk claims its spot with serene coastlines that catch the sun’s rays, offering more than just a glimmer of light. Here, the sunsets are as vivid as they are memorable.

13. East Sussex

Image Credit: Shutterstock / ian woolcock

Heading down to East Sussex, the sun doesn’t shy away, especially around the iconic cliffs of Beachy Head. This county proves the sun does more than just visit; it occasionally stays for tea.

12. West Sussex

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Alexey Fedorenko

West Sussex, with its inviting shores and historic towns, enjoys its fair share of sunshine, making it a haven for those chasing the light. It’s where the sun comes to play, much to the delight of locals and visitors alike.

11. Dorset

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Andy Lyons

Dorset’s Jurassic Coast not only boasts dramatic landscapes but also enjoys stretches of sunny days that illuminate its natural beauty. It’s a photographer’s dream, with the light casting perfect shadows at dawn and dusk.

10. Hampshire

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Sterling Images

Hampshire shines next on our list, mixing sun-soaked days with a dose of cultural heritage. Whether it’s basking in the historic streets of Winchester or enjoying the natural reserves, the sun seems to have a soft spot for Hampshire.

9. Isle of Wight

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Gordon Bell

The Isle of Wight stands as a sunlit jewel in the sea, where the rays dance on the waves. It’s a microclimate of merriment, where the sun feels just a bit more generous.

8. Somerset

Image Credit: Shutterstock / jimmonkphotography

Somerset, not typically synonymous with sun, surprises many with its generously lit days, particularly in the summer months. The sun here adds a golden hue to the already stunning landscapes.

7. Cornwall

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Boris Stroujko

Cornwall, with its rugged coastline and picturesque villages, catches the sun in a love affair that lasts all year round. It’s the UK’s own slice of seaside sunshine, where the rays embellish the shores.

6. Devon

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Peter Titmuss

Devon, a haven for sun seekers, where the Dartmoor National Park and the sandy beaches get an ample dose of daylight. It’s a place that balances its rain with respectable amounts of sunshine.

5. Bristol

Image Credit: Shutterstock / PhotoLondonUK

Bristol, surprisingly sunny, offers more than just a vibrant city life. The sun here paints the historic buildings and modern murals in light, proving that urban landscapes can also be sun-kissed.

4. London

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Marek Masik

Yes, London. Despite its reputation, the capital enjoys a significant amount of sunshine, especially compared to much of the UK. It’s a reminder that the sun does shine on the empire, at least occasionally.

3. Kent

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Rusana Krasteva

Kent, the Garden of England, flourishes under the watchful gaze of the sun, making its gardens and vineyards a delight to explore. It’s proof that for things to grow beautifully, a little sun must fall.

2. Eastbourne

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Arndale

Eastbourne claims the title of the UK’s sunniest city, a fact that its Victorian waterfront and bustling pier wear proudly. It’s a slice of sunny bliss on the south coast.

1. Jersey

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Allard One

Topping our list, Jersey, although not a county but a crown dependency, basks in more sunlight than anywhere else in the British Isles. Its beaches, coves, and walking trails are bathed in sunshine, making it the UK’s very own piece of paradise.

Chase the Sun

Image Credit: Shutterstock / ESB Professional

So, there you have it—the sunniest spots in the UK, where the skies are a bit bluer, and the days a touch brighter. Whether you’re planning your next sunny getaway or just dreaming of a bit more vitamin D, these places offer a luminous escape from the usual grey. After all, in a land famed for its clouds, finding the sun is something worth celebrating.

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