Holy Wokeness: Liverpool Archdeacon’s ‘Anti-Whiteness’ Comments Provoke Public Pushback

An Archdeacon of Liverpool has dragged the Church of England into a new controversy after advocating for “anti-whiteness” and calling her parish to “smash the patriarchy.”

Archdeacon Threlfall-Holmes

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The Archdeacon who started it all is named Ven Miranda Threlfall-Holmes, and she has now become a central figure in the Church of England’s conversation surrounding race and gender.

Attending a Conference

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Archdeacon Threlfall-Holmes said the posts she made about race and gender were because she attended a recent conference about race that had her questioning things.

Whiteness and Gender

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The Archdeacon said, “I went to a conference on whiteness last autumn. It was very good, very interesting and made me realize that whiteness is to race as patriarchy is to gender.”

Going Online

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After the conference, Archdeacon Threlfall-Holmes went online, to share her new thoughts and feelings about race and gender.

Contributing to a Debate

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She said, “I was contributing to a debate about world views, in which ‘whiteness’ does not refer to skin colour per se, but to a way of viewing the world where being white is seen as ‘normal’ and everything else is considered different or lesser.”

The Pushback

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Unsurprisingly, an Archdeacon making controversial public statements about race and gender received a lot of pushback from people who didn’t agree with her views.


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While some people supported it, many users took this as an opportunity to speak out against “woke” ideology and its greater effect on society.

Questioning Faith

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Many users even accused the Archdeacon of abandoning the views of the church and questioned her faith.

Making an Apology

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After seeing the massive backlash Archdeacon Threlfall-Holmes was quick to make a statement apologizing for her comments and offering an explanation.


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Archdeacon Threlfall-Holmes explained, “Yes, let’s have anti-whiteness, & let’s smash the patriarchy. That’s not anti-white, or anti-men, it’s anti-oppression.”

Archdeacon’s Regret

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She then furthered her apology by saying, “I do, however, understand that this definition is not widely shared outside of academic circles, and I regret that Twitter [X] was perhaps not the best place for a nuanced argument.”

Greater Context

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While this controversy has unfolded, it comes in the greater context of the Church of England grappling with issues regarding race and “wokeness.”

New Initiatives

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The Church’s difficult position can be seen with initiatives like the Diocese of Birmingham’s creating a “racial justice unit” and attempting to hire a “deconstructing whiteness” officer. 

Calling Racist

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However, shortly after the “deconstructing whiteness” officer position was advertised, the post was called out for being racist and it was quickly removed.

Bishop Micheal Volland

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The Diocese of Birmingham is headed by Bishop of Birmingham Michael Volland, who faced criticism inside and outside the church for their new initiative.

What Does This Mean

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The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, compared the Bishop of Birmingham’s job listing to a mockumentary and asked, “What on earth does that even mean?”

Race Action Plans

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In response to these unfolding controversies, the church’s legislative body, the General Synod, has urged parishes to make “race action plans” that address the issue.

Calling For Justice

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The motion, filed by Bishop of Dover Rose Hudson-Wilkin, was made alongside a passionate speech where she called for racial justice inside the Church.

The Term Woke

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The Bishop said, “The term woke originated in the USA, and it was a black terminology speaking specifically and directly to black people regarding the need to wake up and stay alert, to be consciously aware.”

Not a Word, but a Movement

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Hudson-Wilkin concluded her point by saying “So it is not just a mere word, it is a movement. Those who are threatened by the authenticity of this movement, want to scare us into thinking that being woke is a sin created by people on the left.”

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