Scottish First Minister Under Scrutiny for Links to Anti-LGBTQ+ Donor

Humza Yousaf’s alleged ties to Sir Brian Souter have raised concerns amongst civil rights groups protesting the close connection between the first minister and the conservative Christian causes he funds. Here’s the whole story.

Troubled Waters

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Scottish politics has been a mess recently, with the surprise departure of Nicola Sturgeon last year, a police investigation into misappropriation of campaign spending funds and the Scottish National Party’s tenuous grip on power seeming more uncertain than it has been in recent years. 

Big Mess

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Scotland’s new First Minister, Humza Yousaf, has had the unenviable task of trying to sort out the mess left by his predecessor. 

Christian Beliefs

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However, his job seems to have been made even more complicated following concerns being raised by human rights groups over the First Minister’s connections with Sir Brian Souter, a prominent former SNP donor infamous for his deeply conservative Christian beliefs. 

History of Funding

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The human rights groups’ concerns stem from Scouter’s long history of funding organizations which oppose LGBTQ+ rights and women’s reproductive rights. 

Disregarding Attitudes

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The Humanist Society of Scotland (HSS) has criticised Yousaf for allegedly disregarding Souter’s controversial stances on these issues. 

Commitment to Progress

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According to Fraser Sutherland, the chief executive of HSS, Yousaf’s engagement with Souter raises significant questions about his commitment to progressive values. 

Religious Influence

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Sutherland stated, “Voters have a right to know if there is even the smallest chance that Souter’s return could signal a shift towards more regressive, religiously influenced policy positions.”


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Sir Brian Souter, a former SNP donor, has a long-documented history of advocating against equal marriage, abortion rights and transgender rights. 

Funding Evangelical Groups

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Despite mounting criticism, he has continued to fund evangelical groups that oppose policies supported by Scotland’s political leadership and the majority of Scotland’s population. 

“His Christian Duty”

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Souter’s spokesperson defended his actions, stating, “He sees this work as part of his Christian duty and has no plans to stop.”

At Home and Abroad

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Over the past few years, Souter has contributed substantial amounts of money to evangelical organisations in the UK and the US. 

Against Progressive Policies

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These groups actively campaign against progressive policies, running the conservative gambit from LGBTQ+ rights to assisted dying legislation. 

A Vocal Minority

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Ally Thomson, Scottish director of the pro-assisted dying group Dignity in Dying, remarked, “These groups represent a vocal minority with a track record of opposing personal freedoms such as reproductive rights and equal marriage.”

Worrying Allegations

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Some of the controversial organisations funded by Souter have faced allegations of discrimination, cover-ups of sexual assaults and coercive practices. 

Past Investigations

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These controversies have prompted investigations and legal actions, which have furthered concerns about the impact that Souter’s money has on the ability of these organisations to continue to operate. 

Christian Values

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Despite the persistent criticisms of his actions, Sir Brian Souter defended what he sees as his philanthropic activities, portraying them as essential for promoting Christian values and supporting various charitable causes worldwide. 

Economic Contributions

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In response to the concerns raised about Souter’s Christian activism, a spokesperson for Yousaf clarified that while the first minister disagrees with Souter on critical issues, the Scottish government values Souter’s contributions to economic development. 

Committed to Progressive Policies

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Despite receiving support from someone who funds groups working against progressive values, Yousaf’s spokesperson asserted that he remains committed to socially progressive policies. 

No Shared Values

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“The Scottish government is determined to harness Souter’s record as a businessman to create jobs, regardless of whether or not they share the same views on politics, the constitution, or social policy and equalities issues,” the spokesperson said.

Found Lacking

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The controversy surrounding Yousaf’s links to Souter has raised serious questions about political transparency and accountability when the Scottish government suffers from a perceived lack of both. 

Clarity Required

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Civil rights groups are up in arms, stressing that voters deserve clarity regarding the potential influence of donors on policymaking. 

Signalling a Shift

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Fraser Sutherland of HSS stressed the importance of transparency, stating, “Voters have a right to know if there is even the smallest chance that Souter’s return could signal a shift towards more regressive, religiously influenced policy positions.”

Influential Donors

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The fallout from Humza Yousaf’s ongoing connections with Sir Brian Souter underscores the complexity inherent in the close relationships between political leaders and their influential donors. 

Deep Pockets

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As the controversy continues to simmer, debates about ethics and accountability will resume, as the principles of equality and human rights conflict with the sincerely held religious beliefs of millionaires with deep pockets. 

Scrutiny and Transparency

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Souter’s involvement in the contentious issue of funding for political causes only serves to shore up the need for transparency and scrutiny in political financing, helping to ensure that the values of a small but wealthy minority are imposed on the majority.

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