Iceland Replaces Crosses on Hot Cross Buns, Angering Some MPs

In what’s been described by MPs as “Namby-Pamby Virtue-Signaling” popular food store Iceland has removed all the Christian crosses from its Hot Cross Buns this year.

Iceland’s Hot Cross Bun Trial

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Iceland supermarket has stirred controversy by introducing a trial range of hot cross buns adorned with ticks instead of the traditional Christian symbol.

MPs Slam “Virtue Signaling”

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MPs have shown their outrage at the decision that they’re calling “virtue-signalling” aimed to diminish the country’s Christian traditions in favour of other religions.

Customer Preference Research

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According to the supermarket, Iceland conducted a survey that showed at least one-fifth of customers would rather have a Hot Cross Bun with a tick instead of a cross.

Multiple MP Backlash

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MPs including Conservative Jacob Rees-Mogg and recently disgraced former Tory MP Lee Anderson have hit out at Iceland’s decision.

Iceland Expands Target Audience

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Iceland has issued a statement defending its decision to replace the Christian symbol with a tick, claiming the store is trying to expand its target audience.

Criticism from MPs

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Reform UK MP Lee Anderson was recently suspended from the Conservative Party for his anti-Muslim behaviour aimed at the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

Anderson’s Virtue Signaling Claims

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When he became aware of the Hot Cross Bun’s new look, Anderson accused Iceland of participating in “namby-pamby virtue-signalling.”  

Concerns of Virtue-Signaling

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Anderson expressed concern that such changes contribute to society’s increasing political correctness, which Anderson views as excessive.

Anderson’s Defection to Reform

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Anderson insisted that virtue signalling, such as the Hot Cross Buns, is why he defected to Reform UK and why the public is, in his view, following him.

“Get Our Country Back”

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Anderson argued that “It’s this type of ridiculous namby-pamby virtual-signalling that is leading to millions of people echoing Reform UK’s call to get our country back.”

Iceland Defends Decision

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Head of Development at Iceland, David Lennox, insisted that  “According to the research, it seems some people want to do away with the cross design and move to a tick instead.”

“True British Fashion”

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“The results surprised us, but in true British fashion, we’re putting it to the test by trialling ticks on some of our buns,” Lennox argued.

Anderson’s Controversial Comments

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A few months ago, Anderson had the Tory whip suspended when he insisted that the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, had allowed the city to become under the “control” of “Islamists.”

Anderson Offered Role If He Apologized

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Anderson refused to apologize for his comments despite the Tories offering him his position back if he admitted they were wrong.

Anderson’s Refusal to Show Weakness

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Anderson said that he did not think his comments were Islamophobic and claimed that if he apologized he would be showing “weakness” believing he was speaking for the public.

Sunak Refrains From Condemning Islamophobia

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has been under fire for his response to racism allegations within the Tory Party after he claimed Anderson’s comments were “wrong” but refrained from calling them “Islamophobic.”

Conservative Backlash

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Senior Conservative MP Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg also weighed in on the Hot Cross Bun debate, asking why the public would want a Hot Cross Bun to have a tick on it in the first place.

Rees-Mogg Questions “Frozen Tick Buns”

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Rees-Mogg, the 54-year-old MP for North East Somerset, questioned “Who would buy a frozen tick bun?”

Public Calls for Nike Boycott

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Yau Ming Low

The public has recently called for a boycott of Nike products after the new England kit was released ahead of the Euros tournament this Summer.

Nike Deface St George’s Cross

Image Credit: Shutterstock / TSV-art

The sportswear company decided to mess with a different cross, the St George’s Cross, adding a new style and colour to appeal to a larger audience.

Nike’s “Playful” Take on England Flag

Image Credit: Shutterstock / pio3

Many have criticized Nike, although the company insisted the design is simply a “playful” modern take on the England flag.

Backlash Large

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Although research told Iceland that changing the Christian symbol on Hot Cross Buns may be a good idea, the backlash from MPs and the public has been too loud to ignore.

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