Backlash to Nike’s ‘Modern Twist’ to England Flag on Football Kit

Nike has released England’s new football kit ahead of the Euros this Summer, choosing to alter the England flag slightly, outraging MPs and members of the public.

Nike Under Fire

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England’s official kit manufacturer, Nike, has come under fire from MPs for adding a “modern twist” to the England flag.

Nike Releases Array of Kits

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Ahead of the country’s Euro 2024 campaign, Nike released numerous kit designs for the nations that the company sponsors.

MPs Express Discontent

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Members of Parliament have voiced their discontent towards Nike and the England football team following the “woke” England flag on the back of the shirt.

“Playful” Take on England Flag

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Nike posted the kit on social media, explaining that they added a “playful” twist to the St George’s Cross displayed on the back of the neck.

New Cross Design

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The new take on the St George’s Cross shows the horizontal line changed from red to a darker blue, with a slightly disfigured shape.

Nike’s Announcement

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Nike stated that they would “celebrate football heroes of the past with a modern twist” as they unveiled the controversial England kits.

Lee Anderson Wants His Country Back

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Reform UK MP Lee Anderson has lashed out at the kits, “The left have a nerve to ask me why I want my country back” he said.

Virtue Signaling Argument

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Anderson described the slight change in the flag’s design as “namby-pamby, pearl-clutching woke nonsense” slamming it as “virtue signalling.”

Anderson Jokes About Rwanda

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Anderson joked that he would be “on the first flight to Rwanda” if companies carried on the same way, referencing the Prime Minister’s controversial Rwanda proposal.

Anderson Suspended After Islamophobia Claims

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Anderson was recently suspended by the Tory Party for his comments on the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, that have been slammed as “Islamophobic.”

Anderson’s Defection to Reform UK

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Anderson defected to the right-wing Party, Reform UK, after claiming that London and its Mayor were under the “control” of “Islamists.”

Anderson Slams “Virtue Signaling” Companies

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Anderson has also slammed another company for its “virtue signalling” after the crosses were removed from Hot Cross Buns ahead of the Easter holiday.

Iceland Under Fire

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Frozen food store Iceland replaced all the Christian symbols from its Hot Cross Bun range, replacing them with ticks to expand its target audience.

Slamming Iceland For “Namby Pamby” Move

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Anderson also described Iceland’s move as “Namby-pamby virtue-signalling” arguing, “millions of people,” are now “echoing Reform UK’s call to get our country back.”

Tory MP Speaks Out

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Tory MP Brendan Clarke Smith questioned what the new design of the flag “is supposed to be,” claiming that it doesn’t look anything like “our flag.”

Smith Argues Flag Was Fine Before

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Smith also declared that he didn’t believe the flag needed changing in the first place before referencing Nike’s high-end price tag.

Nike Charge €150 Per Shirt

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“I doubt they’ll shift many at those sort of prices,” Smith said, referencing Nike’s decision to charge €150 for an Adult’s shirt.

Critique from Christina Jordan

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Former Brexit Party MEP Christina Jordan joined the chorus of criticism, describing the new design as “totally uninspiring” and asserting that it does not represent the St George’s Flag.

Previous Designs of the Flag

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England shirts have featured different versions of the St George’s Cross before, displaying the cross in multiple colours on a shirt in 2011, although MPs did not give the same backlash.

MPs and Public Divided

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MPs and many members of the public are divided on the small change to the flag, placed discretely on the back of the neck.

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