Sadiq Khan Urges Rethink of Labour’s Brexit Stance – Especially For Young People

London Mayor Sadiq Khan urges Labour to reconsider its rejection of an EU youth mobility scheme, highlighting its potential economic and cultural benefits amidst ongoing internal party debates on post-Brexit policies. Here’s the full story.

UK’s Most Divisive Issue

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In an election campaign with remarkably few discussions about Brexit, London Mayor Sadiq Khan has stuck his head above the parapet to raise the spectre of one of the most divisive issues in British politics. 

Labour’s Rejection

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Khan has called on Labour leader Keir Starmer to reconsider the party’s rejection of a proposed UK-EU youth mobility scheme. 

Contentious Issue

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This plan, which offers young people the opportunity to live and work in the EU and vice versa, has become a contentious issue within the Labour Party, bringing attention to the vast array of views on the future of UK-EU relations.

Live, Work and Study

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The EU’s proposal would allow young people aged between 18 and 30 from the UK and the EU to live, work, and study in each other’s countries for up to four years. 

Free Movement

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While not a full restoration of free movement, as Prime Minister Rishi Sunak immediately labelled it, rejecting the offer immediately, the scheme would make it significantly easier for young people to experience other cultures and nationalities should they so wish. 

Economic and Cultural Benefits

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Proponents argue that it presents both economic and cultural benefits, while critics worry it mirrors the pre-Brexit freedom of movement that Eurosceptics despised. 

“Youth Mobility Scheme”

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Under Starmer’s leadership, Labour quickly dismissed the proposal, with a party spokesperson stating they had “no plans for a youth mobility scheme.”

Firm Stance

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Despite Labour’s firm stance on the issue, Khan has been outspoken about the many benefits of a youth mobility scheme. 

“Social and Cultural”

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He told POLITICO that the scheme would have many benefits, “not just from a social and cultural perspective, but an economic perspective.”

“Skill Shortage and Labour Shortage”

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He continued, “One of the points I’ll be making to a new Labour government is how a skill shortage and the labour shortage is affecting our economy.”

“Soft Power”

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Beyond immediate economic benefits, Khan also highlighted the scheme’s long-term “soft power” advantages.

Lasting Affinity

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He suggested that young people who experience life in London will likely develop a lasting affinity for the city, which could translate into future investments and diplomatic ties. 

“Pull Factor”

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Khan stated of those who would participate in the scheme, “When they return to their country of origin, and are chief executives, or investors … or are prime ministers and presidents: that has a pull factor.”

“Invest in London”

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He continued, “They will want to invest in London. And so I’ll be making that case to Rachel and Keir should they have the privilege of being the chancellor and prime minister.”

Internal Debate

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Khan’s push for the youth mobility scheme reflects a growing internal debate within Labour about its possible future relationship with the EU.


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Despite Starmer’s pro-Brexit stance, many Labour supporters remain staunchly pro-EU, particularly in the big cities.

Internal Tension

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This internal tension was also ratcheted up recently after several EU diplomats and Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) announced that they hoped Labour’s winning the general election would allow for a diplomatic reset of the fractious relationship between the EU and the Conservative government. 

External Pressure

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This internal friction and external pressure are likely to influence Labour’s policy decisions as the party prepares for a potential return to power, though Starmer and his advisers have attempted to keep Brexit discussions off the table out of fears that they could drain support away from the party. 

Youth Mobility

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In addition to advocating for the EU youth mobility scheme, Khan is also pursuing other initiatives to foster international educational exchanges. 

Erasmus Program

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He has pledged to introduce an Erasmus-style student exchange program for London that will be independent of the national government’s policies. 

“Great Conversations”

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Khan stated, “I had some great conversations with mayors from Boston to Rome to Paris, around an Erasmus-style scheme, which doesn’t require government legislation.”

Filling the Gap

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This initiative aims to fill the gap left by the UK’s departure from the EU’s Erasmus+ program, emphasising London’s commitment to remaining a global educational hub.

No Immediate Change

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As Labour holds a significant lead in the polls ahead of the general election, the party’s stance on EU relations is unlikely to change shortly. 

Ongoing Debate

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However, Khan’s vocal advocacy for the youth mobility plan underscores the ongoing debate about the UK’s post-Brexit identity and future relationship with Europe. 

Uncertain Future

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In the post-Brexit United Kingdom, whether Labour will heed Khan’s call to reconsider its rejection of the scheme remains to be seen.

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