Having a Mayor: Laurence Fox Appeals Missed Deadline for London Candidacy

Former actor Laurence Fox’s bid for London mayoral candidacy has been thwarted, not by political corruption, as he claimed, but by nomination form errors, adding to a string of setbacks in his political career. Here’s the full story.

Former Actor

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Former actor turned right-wing grifter Laurence Fox, who has become more famous for a recent string of controversies than for any productions he has been part of, has failed to run for Mayor of London under the banner of the Reclaim Party.

Form Errors

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Despite his claims of political corruption leading to the downfall of his candidacy, the real reason behind the abrupt end of his political aspirations was errors in his nomination forms. 

Continuing Downfall

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This setback adds to Fox’s recent downfall, which began with a failed bid for a parliamentary seat and a broadcasting incident that led to his dismissal from the entertainment-posing-as-news channel GB News.

Catalogue of Errors

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Laurence Fox submitted his nomination papers just before the deadline, but they were rejected due to a catalogue of errors. 

Insufficient Signatures

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London Elects highlighted an insufficient number of signatures from two boroughs and discrepancies in voter records for three supporters from other areas who did not exist. These shortcomings, discovered upon inspection, rendered Fox’s nomination incomplete.

Alleged Corruption

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In response to his disqualification, Fox alleged political corruption in now-deleted social media posts. 

Vowed to Appeal

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He claimed his party meticulously checked the nominations and vowed to appeal the decision. 

Missed Deadline

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However, London Elects maintained that the deadline for corrections had passed, leaving no room for reconsideration.

Refuted Claims

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London Elects also refuted Fox’s claims of political corruption in a protracted counter statement in which they stated, “The Reclaim party candidate’s representatives met with London Elects for the first time on Tuesday 26 March, less than 24 hours before the close of the nominations deadline. At that time, the paperwork was incomplete.”

“Very Shortly Before 4pm”

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They continued, “Mr Fox’s representatives were advised to ensure that completed forms were submitted well before the Wednesday 4 pm statutory deadline. The paperwork was submitted very shortly before 4pm.”

Too Late to Correct

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Their rebuttal continued, “Upon inspection, the nomination forms contained errors which – the deadline having passed – were too late for Mr Fox’s team to correct. The conclusion of London Elects was that the requirements of the nomination process were not completed by the deadline.”

Application Rejected

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Finally, they ended with, “The Greater London Returning Officer is bound by electoral law and has no ability to allow anything other than fully compliant nominations, submitted by the deadline, to stand.”

£20,000 Fee

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After disqualification, Laurence Fox will have his £20,000 fee and deposit refunded, along with an additional £5,000 overpayment by the Reclaim party. This financial reimbursement marks the end of Fox’s costly, yet doomed, bid for the mayoral candidacy.

Political Failures

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Fox’s London mayoral bid adds to his unsuccessful electoral endeavours, including a 2023 byelection in Uxbridge and South Ruislip, where he received a mere 2.3% of the vote. 

Less Than 2%

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His performance in the previous 2021 London mayoral election garnered less than 2% of the total vote, resulting in the loss of his considerable £10,000 deposit.

Severe Backlash

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In a separate incident, Laurence Fox faced a severe backlash for derogatory remarks on GB News, which led to his dismissal from the channel. 

Slandering a Journalist

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His comments in which he slandered the appearance of a female journalist attracted nearly 9,000 complaints to the media watchdog, further tarnishing his public image.

The Race Continues

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Despite Laurence Fox’s disqualification, the mayoral race continues with incumbent Sadiq Khan of the Labour Party and Susan Hall representing the Conservatives.

Failed Actor

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Following the failure of his acting career – the last movie featuring Fox was a right-wing conspiracy theory film about the abduction of children – Fox has attempted to pivot to politics, though without much success. 

Attention Hound

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Though Laurence Fox’s mayoral aspirations have been dashed by the sloppy errors in his nomination forms, despite this, the slip-up has gained Fox what he was really looking for in the first place: attention. 

Right-Wing Agitator

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Though the race will proceed without him, Fox’s status as a right-wing agitator will be further cemented by his abortive attempt to run for mayor, gaining him adoration amongst his supporters despite his failure to enter the race proper.

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