Get Them Working! Lib Dems Would “Embrace” Illegal Migrants And Get Them Working

Lord Newby of the Liberal Democrats wants the UK to “embrace” illegal migrants while proposing a new law to put asylum seekers to work quicker.

Lib Dems Call for Migrant Embrace

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The Liberal Democrats have urged political Parties to “embrace” illegal migrants instead of “wasting” them.

Lord Newby Wants Change

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According to the party’s representative, Lord Newby, Political Parties do not do enough to use the skills of those who enter the country without a visa.

Parties Gather in Westminster

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Speaking at an event with Citizens UK at Westminster’s Methodist Central Hall, Lord Newby was joined by representatives from a number of Parties.

Testing Party Members

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Citizens UK, an alliance of local communities throughout the UK, put Party members to the test on issues such as immigration, with Liberal Democrats standing out.

Embracing Migrants’ Talents

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Lord Newby of the Liberal Democrats asserted that the government “should be embracing them [Migrants] and using their talents, rather than wasting them.”

Liberal Democrats Propose New Law

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Lord Newby also claimed that the Liberal Democrats would rewrite the current immigration laws in order to give migrants a better chance to work.

Proposed Immigration Law

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According to Lord Newby, Liberal Democrats would “allow all asylum seekers to work within three months of arriving in the United Kingdom.”

Current Laws a Waste

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Lord Newby criticised the current laws, which he said do not utilise the individual migrants’ talents while wasting the taxpayers’ money.

“Costing the Country”

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The current laws involve the migrant “not being allowed to work” while “costing the country,” Lord Newby insisted.

Migrants Being “Miserable”

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Lord Newby also mentioned that the current laws affect the mental health of the migrants, claiming they would be “having a miserable time”.

Accusing Tories of “Scapegoating” Refugees

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Also at the event was Labour’s Deputy Leader, Angela Rayner, who claimed that the current Tory government were “scapegoating” refugees.

Failing to Take Responsibility

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According to Rayner, refugees are being “scapegoated, while those in power fail to take responsibility for our crumbling immigration system”.

Sunak’s Rwanda Bill in Focus

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While Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has fought hard for his Rwanda bill to pass through Parliament, Labour could remove it entirely.

Rwanda Bill as a “Deterrent”

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Sunak has insisted that the Rwanda Bill would be a “deterrent” to stop people smuggling gangs from bringing migrants to the country illegally, but will it work?

No Flights to Rwanda Under Labour Government

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Labour has already declared that no Rwanda flights would take off under its governance, repeatedly calling the scheme a “gimmick.”

No Flights Until After Election

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Sunak announced the general election shortly after the Rwanda bill was passed, meaning that flights could only take off after the results.

Rwanda Bill Looking Weak

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So far, the bill has not seemed to deter migrants from entering the UK, as small boat crossings show no signs of going down.

Lib Dems Take on Rwanda

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Lord Newby previously commented on the Rwanda bill, calling it “reckless” and insisting it would “never work”.

Wasting Taxpayers’ Money

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Lord Newby accused the government of “Wasting hundreds of millions of hard working taxpayers’ money,” on the scheme.

Spreading Awareness of Controversial Law

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Many people may not be aware of the current law that makes migrants wait 12 months before being able to work, with the Liberal Democrats hoping to shine a light on the matter.

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