The Tory Catastrophe: How They’ve Damaged Britain Beyond Repair

Every government eventually runs its course. Some leave power with the country in a better position than they found it. Others leave a huge mess for the next one to clear up. Let’s look at the disaster this government will be leaving behind. 

Poverty Levels

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A legacy of austerity and lack of public spending growth has contributed to rising relative poverty levels in the UK.

Definition of Relative Poverty

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According to government figures, around 20% of the UK population lives in relative poverty. Relative poverty is where they earn less than 60% of the average UK income.  

The Generational Poverty Gap

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Protections for pensioners, such as the ‘triple lock’, have meant their incomes have been protected in line with inflation. People on benefits have seen their incomes cut, though, forcing more of them into poverty.

Home Ownership

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One of the guiding principles of Thatcher’s drive to sell council houses was to allow more people to dream of owning their own homes. Under this Tory government, however, home income has fallen. 

Affordability of Property

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A combination of low interest rates, limited building programmes and a continued sell-off of council houses has squeezed property availability and increased prices.

House Price Change

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The house prices reached peak multiples in 2021, where the average house price was 9.1 times the average income. The peak it reached before the Tory government was 7.2 in 2007.

Housing Crisis Fuelled High Rents

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The lack of available housing meant that rents were squeezed upwards as well. In London, the average rent exceeds £2000 per month.

Economy Has Been Hit Hard

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The Conservatives style themselves as the party with strong fiscal management skills, but the economy has struggled.

GDP Growth Struggled 

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Following the financial crisis, Cameron and Osborne opted for austerity rather than investment. Austerity led to a long struggle for the British economy.

National Debt Rising

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The national debt was around 70% of GDP when the Tories took over, even after bailing out the banks. It now stands at almost 100% of GDP despite years of austerity. It shows a failed policy. 

Brexit Hasn’t Been Kind

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Despite the promises of progression, Brexit has been little short of a national disaster. Inward investment and economic growth slowed to a crawl, national debt rose, and prices increased across the board. 

Inward Investment Almost Stopped

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Between 2016 and 2023, inward business investment essentially flatlined as the UK struggled to get to grips with the new relationship with Europe. It is slowly recovering, but the damage has already been done. 

UK Health Service Issues

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The NHS has struggled under the leadership of the Conservatives. Waiting times are at record levels, and public dissatisfaction with the NHS has reached all-time highs. 

NHS Staffing Crisis

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Thanks to Brexit reducing the number of overseas workers, long working hours and flat pay, the NHS has struggled to recruit sufficient numbers. 

Striking NHS Staff

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Under the Tories, NHS staff went through several rounds of industrial action over pay. Nurses and Junior Doctors have been on strike several times over pay and conditions.

Public Health Suffered

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Food poverty and the associated health issues have risen under the Tory government. Children are suffering from type 2 diabetes at record levels, and many are malnourished thanks to poor nutrition.

Economic Inactivity Caused by Poor Health

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Henry Dimbleby authored a review of the nation’s food system. He said: “There are 2.8mn economically inactive people of working age. Mental health is one of four major reasons. Musculoskeletal issues, type 2 diabetes and hypertension are the others: three are caused by a bad diet and the fourth is exacerbated by a bad diet.”

Government Responsibilities

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Any government is responsible for looking after the economy, the health provisions and housing. We can confidently say that these three measures have failed the Tories. 

What Next?

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There are a lot of problems to fix for the next government and a small amount of money with which to do it. It’ll take several years to resolve housing issues and the nation’s health, but we’ll get there with the right ideas and implementation. 

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