‘Divisive, Deluded and Dangerous’ – Liz Truss’ US Tour Faces Scathing Words From Labour While PM Remains Tight-Lipped

Liz Truss’s appearance at CPAC has sparked debate and scrutiny, as she takes the stage among a diverse assembly of voices from the fringes of the political spectrum. Here’s the full story.

Truss Renaissance

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Former British Prime Minister Liz Truss is enjoying somewhat of a renaissance in the United States recently. 

Unexpected Home

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In the bosom of the considerably more right-wing American Republican political machine, she has found an unexpected home, not as the woman whose short tenure as Prime Minister almost crashed the UK economy, but as a libertarian warrior fighting against the “deep state.”

From Hero to Zero

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As she travels the country attempting to boost sales of her upcoming book, Truss has been received as a hero by many on the right, much to the consternation of those in her party back at home. 

Civil Obstacles

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Truss has stirred controversy with her remarks at CPAC, where she blamed her disastrous and mercifully short run as Prime Minister on obstacles she encountered within the civil service. 

“Essentially Activists”

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Truss stated: “People are joining the civil service who are essentially activists. They might be trans activists, they might be environmental extremists, but they are now having a voice within the civil service in a way I don’t think was true 30 or 40 years ago.”

Eye Opening

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The figures Truss is choosing to associate with at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in the United States are eye-opening, to say the least. 

“A Hero”

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Truss shared a stage with former Trump advisor and the proudly self-proclaimed arch-nemesis of democracy Steve Bannon, who dumped Truss firmly in hot water when he declared the far right-wing agitator Tommy Robinson, real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, a “hero.”

Remove the Whip

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Truss spectacularly failed to push back on this assertion, which has led to calls for Rishi Sunak to remove the Tory whip from Truss. 

Debate and Discontent

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Truss’s involvement in CPAC has not gone unnoticed back home, with her actions sparking debate and discontent within British political circles. 

Controversy and Conspiracy 

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Her alignment with individuals like Bannon and her portrayal of a purported conspiracy within the civil service has stirred controversy and raised eyebrows among both allies and adversaries.

Bizarre Cast-List

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Labour’s shadow cabinet minister, Jonathan Ashworth, stated: “It is anyone’s guess what Liz Truss thinks she is up to, but we now know that she is spending her time hanging out with a bizarre cast list of far-right characters while spreading conspiracy theories and refusing to challenge the idea Tommy Robinson is a ‘hero.’”

“Divisive, Deluded and Dangerous”

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He continued: “That Rishi Sunak still hasn’t withdrawn the Tory whip from his predecessor shows how weak he is. By allowing her to bring these divisive, deluded and dangerous views into mainstream British politics, the Tory party is poisoning public discourse.”

Diverse Speakers

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CPAC has always attracted a diverse array of speakers, and this year was no different, with several of them having controversies of their own. 

All White on the Night

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Among these figures was Tommy Tuberville, a US senator, whose refusal to denounce white supremacists as racist has drawn significant attention and criticism in the past.

Bizarre Brand

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The presence of individuals like Hiroaki “Jay” Aeba, representing a conservative Japanese cult, and allies of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, adds an international dimension to the cast of far-right characters gathered together to promote their bizarre and distinctly authoritarian brand of conservatism. 

Global Reach

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Though the grouping has drawn criticism and even been a source of mockery in the past, the eclectic mix of speakers underscores the global reach and influence of these right-wing ideologues. 


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Despite mounting criticism, Truss’s camp has remained tight-lipped, refusing to comment on her participation at CPAC or the stream of controversies she is leaving in her wake. 

Polarising Figures

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This silence further fuels speculation and raises questions about the implications of her association with such polarising figures.

Path Forward

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Not one to be left out of the spotlight, Nigel Farage was also in attendance at CPAC, where he spoke before Truss, giving his own diagnosis of the path forward for conservatism in the US and the UK. 

Conservative Machine

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Though such figures are often regarded as objects of mockery back in the UK, they are part of a well-funded, well-oiled conservative machine which is building alliances all across the globe. 

Complex Architecture

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Truss’s participation in CPAC alongside controversial figures reflects the complex architecture of modern conservatism, with a diverse array of viewpoints and deepening international alliances. 

Trump Speech

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As CPAC awaits the much anticipated Trump speech which will close the conference, the impact that these new groupings will have on the right-wing conservative movement worldwide remains to be seen.

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